Rain Rain Go Away In Style

I have a new product in my etsy shop – umbrella’s!  I had them made from photo’s of my quilts and of photo’s I’ve taken in my orchard.  IMG_7439

Columns and CirclesIMG_7493

Granny SquareIMG_7541

Hexagon Umbrella


Modern Log CabinIMG_7482

Amazing TechnicolorIMG_7444




Scarlet Apple BlossomsIMG_7462

Apple Blossoms

These are the umbrella’s I have in my shop now…when (if) they sell…I’ll give some more photo’s a try…I think these are super fun!

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  1. Kim, they are so beautiful!!!!! What a wonderful idea and I hope you enjoy great success with your new venture. I think they would target the 'working woman' age bracket and if I weren't almost 80 and have umbrellas up the yang yang, I would definitely be thrilled to own such a piece of your art.


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