Ricky Tims Super Seminar

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that this past weekend I was at Ricky Tims’ Super Seminar.  It was an amazing experience and I learned more than I ever imagined I would learn by SITTING STILL and LISTENING (yup – I kept my mouth shut!) for two and half days!


I’m pretty sure I was joined by 217 other women and 2 other men for these fabulous hours of learning.  (seriously…why do all hotels have carpeting like that!?)


On the first day, Ricky asked everyone 75 and older to stand up.  He kept saying a higher number and then ladies that age would sit down.  These were the last two ladies standing…one is 90 and one is 91!  They both got a prize!

On the last day he had everyone 35 and under stand up.  There were only TWO of us!  I was the second youngest…the other girl was 25.  We also both got a prize!


Ricky taught 7 of the 10 sessions.  He broke down his quilts and showed us how they were actually ‘easy’ to make.  I’m not quite sure that easy is the right word…but I would say do-able. 

Of course…I had to make a few vines of his work.  Here’s ‘Simple Gifts’ by Ricky Tims.


I took ten million photo’s of his quilts…but this one I wanted to show because if I ever do embroidery on a machine…it would be something like this….


Not only was Ricky there but we also had the pleasure of hearing from Alex Anderson and Pam Holland.

Alex talked about making scrap quilts and hand quilting.  After seeing her demo I think I may actually give it a try…at some point.  It looks like fun and it could be a good ‘take along’ project.


Now Pam Holland…I’m pretty sure she’s my new quilting hero.  She was so fun to listen too and beyond talented!  And just as nice in person as you hope she’d be!!!! 



Pam is a photographer quilter.  She uses her pictures for her inspiration and she travels A LOT so she has seen and been inspired by many things.  I can’t properly describe what her work is…but if you see that she’s around…I HIGHLY recommend you go and see her talk and her work. IMG_1445

These are QUILTS not photographs!!!!!! Wowza!IMG_1479

A close up of one of her stunning pieces!


AND Pam wrote a children’s/quilting book too!  I got one for my own kiddo’s and then she generously donated one to our library!  I LOVE it and so do the girls.  They especially are loving looking at the images and trying to see all the amazing details she includes!

It was a wonderful 2.5 days and I am so happy that I made this work. Thanks to my husband and my mother-in-law for watching over the kiddo’s so I could go and learn!

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  1. I love the photo of you and Pam - really looks like you're having a fantastic time. Glad you got to attend!


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