Summer of Camping

Nope – not that kind of camping!  My big girls both attended two one week day camps this summer.

Camp Invention was first.

IMG_0428CapriIMG_0435CediIMG_0437In this camp…they learned about how things work. They had to take apart things, and create something new…like a pinball game.  Here’s what Capri’s classes machine looked like.IMG_0441And here was what Cedi’s classes pinball machine looked like.  Both girls had a lot of fun at this camp.

Gymnastics Camp

IMG_0729The very next week the girls had Gymnastics camp.  It was from 9 to 5 for five days straight…I wasn’t sure if Capri would be able to handle it and we talked about it a lot before I let her commit to it.  Right before the deadline I told her that she wouldn’t be able to do art for five days…and that I wanted her to sleep on it before making her decision.  The next day she came downstairs to my room at 5 in morning and said, “Momma, I dreamt about gymnastics and fairies.  I want to do the camp.”  How does one say no to that!?IMG_0738At the end of the week the girls’ all put on a show for the parents.  It was so cool to see how happy they all looked as a team.IMG_0764That’s Cedi!IMG_0766And here is Capri doing her cartwheel for the routine.IMG_0769They all had tattoo’s next to their eyes.  The coaches did all the girls hair and ‘make up’ (sparkles) before the big show.  My girls were so proud of it all!IMG_0770Here is Capri with her friend, Abby!IMG_0773

And there are the sisters!  Seriously – when did they get so old!?

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