Last Tuesday, we had the Wisconsin Apple Grower Association Members at our orchard for the annual summer field day.  Scientists from the UW Extension come to the orchard and take the members into the field to talk about bugs, diseases, and other issues folks are dealing with in their apple trees. 

What I did for this field day was talk about our store operation, items I purchase for the gift shop that sell really well (and what doesn’t), and most importantly, social networking.  While getting ready for this talk, I discovered a new social networking app that I am now officially in love with – Vine!

Here are a few of the ‘vines’ I’ve made so far!

My quilts at the Lodi Ag Fair! (better with the sound off)

A fun vine of the goods I sell at my brick and mortar apple shop.

And - my first vine - make apple cider donuts!


  1. Yum - I haven't had breakfast yet, and those donuts look awesome!

  2. Interesting app. Haven't heard of it. Thanks for sharing.


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