American Brand Solids Farm to Fabric Challenge Complete!


I love a good challenge and being a farmer, Clothwork’s ‘Farm to Fabric’ challenge was 100% up my alley!


Fabrics N Quilts asked me to team up with her to do some extra promotion of the challenge and to add more prizes to make the pot even a bit sweeter!  She put together some fun fabric bundles one can purchase to join in our little bonus challenge.  Check out the post HERE to read more about them! 


Above are pictures of the ‘Persimon Dreams FQ Bundle’ that I received to use for the challenge.  What fun!  As the title states – I have my piece finished!  I’ll admit…that I didn’t use all the fabrics from my bundle…but luckily Fabrics N Quilts has lots of other American Brand Solid yardage that is necessary for the challenge in her shop too.  Once the colors I needed to complete my piece arrived…I was ready to finish it up!

Wishing you would have joined in the fun!?  There’s still time!  Quilts need to be submitted to the Clothworks site by August 31st!  That’s just under a month…definitely enough time!

So…after all this talk – why haven’t I shown you my quilt?!  Well…

If you want your quilt to qualify for the Clothworks Farm to Fabric Challenge pictures of your piece can not be published in books, calendars, magazines, newsletters, websites, blogs or any other form of publication prior to November 2014.  This is very important!  We don’t want to mess up your chances!

But don’t worry…once it’s okay to post pictures of my quilt…I will!  Stay tuned!


  1. I am so eager to see what you created! I know it will be fabulous! Good luck on going to Houston!

  2. How fun to have your own FQ bundle! $18.75 is a great deal for 12 fat quarters, too. Hmmm.... might just have to join this challenge!


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