August Goals

It’s that time…time to set my August goals for ‘A Lovely Year of Finishes’.  I’ve debated this one a lot.  This is my last chance to do something ‘big’ for awhile. Apple season officially starts on the 15th which means that sewing/quilting will be pretty minimal for September and October.

But, even though I technically have time to sew this month I also HAVE to get prepared for Apple Season.  I need to be ready when we open the doors which means things like ordering the port-o-potties, drawing up the new orchard map, and painting some of our “new” (well…old…but new to the shop) tables, to name a few.  I’ve been trying hard to do one orchard thing and one quilty thing a day.  It’s not working out that well as the ‘parenting’ thing is taking over. 

Oh well!  It all works out in the end!


My goal this month is Project QUILTING.  I technically will have to complete two quilts with this goal (don’t worry…they will be small ones).  My ‘Project QUILTING’ class at Mill House Quilts wraps up next Tuesday and I’m doing the challenge along with my students.  I have my quilt started…but still have to have it FINISHED for next Tuesday! 

The second quilt I will be making is for the ‘Red and White’ Challenge.  It will be a mini quilt but I can already see it in my mind and I know this is one I have to get out onto fabric! 

So that’s it…I have my goal for August made!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Those are great august goals. I have a list going since this is my last month to Oreo before my quilt talk and trunk show so I tank I better get sewing. And of course I need to do project quilting. That will totally be mentioned in my talk :).


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