Nested Churn Dash Along Quilt Top Finished

My intention for my Nested Churn Dash blocks were to be ‘fillers’.  When I wasn’t sure what to sew…I would do another round on the a churn dash block.  Well – about two weeks ago I went on a sewing binge…


And I managed to sew ALL SIX of my Nested Churn Dash Blocks!  I only intended on making 6 blocks…which leaves me with a semi awkward sized lap quilt… 48” x 72”.  I like to have my width a little bigger than that.  I contemplated adding a strip on the side like I did for my Deconstructed Dutch Rose Quilt…but as I had the blocks on my design wall, I realized if I just shifted the middle blocks over one row…  I could make a whole new ‘design’ show up AND add 4” to my width. 


I had to make three more outer single churn dash strips to make this work.  But…do you see how now a ‘chevron’ type pattern shows up where the blocks meet each other?  I am loving how this worked out! 

And…another thing shocking about this quilt is it’s not really a scrap quilt.   I used mostly the same fabrics for each part of the quilt.  There are two sets of blocks…they are just inverts of each other.  I did have to use a few different reds as I didn’t have enough fabric to make three blocks with the red as the outside strip. 

My Nested Churn Dash Quilt top is currently at the quilters and I can’t wait to see what she does to it!


  1. Very clever, I can see the chevron! That came together great!

  2. Nice solution to the size problem. :)

  3. Very cleaver shifting of the blocks to get the Chevron pattern.

  4. Ooh, very fun and clever way to solve your size problem! Very cool, Kim!

  5. Love your nested Churn Dash, it looks gorgeous. cdahlgren at live dot com.

  6. I spotted the chevron - very cool! Love the look of it all! Well done!

  7. Love them,they look fabulous!

  8. Bright colors just make this!!! Great Job!


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