Project QUILTING: The Class

This summer I’ve been teaching my very first LIVE Project QUILTING Class at Mill House Quilts

The first session was a trunk shows of challenges and ways that different people interpreted the challenge.  I also demonstrated some great techniques one can do to make their piece unique and still fit everything into the time limit…

  • Creating your own fabric by embellishing with fibers.
  • How to use Angelina Fibers
  • Painting Fabric
    • acrylics
    • paint stix
    • stamping

At the end of the first class I gave my group a Project QUILTING Challenge.  The Challenge was ‘The Quilt Block’.  They had to pick one Quilt Block and make a quilt based on that block…they could use just one block or many blocks.  The other twist was that they had to purchase a ‘Mystery Scrap’ bag from Mill House and use 80% of the fabrics included in the scrap bag.  It was time to ‘Make it Work’.  They would have four weeks total to complete their challenge quilt. 

IMG_2112-001Two weeks after our first session we met again.  My students were to bring the progress they’d made on their quilts.  We put them up on the design wall and analyzed how they were doing.  Basically, this was the ‘Tim Gunn’ Session.


Here was one piece.  I think it looks fabulous so far…we gave some suggestions on where to go next.  I can’t wait to see what this piece looks like tomorrow when we meet for our show n tell class!


Another piece. At this point she’s doing the block she chose, “Resolution Square” and doing it both miniature and larger.  I can’t wait to see where this one went between then and tomorrow either!

Between the first class and the second class I was at the Ricky Tims Super Seminar Weekend.  I was able to share with my students ‘Caveman Style’ Piecing.


I used that method here to make these Churn Dash Blocks.

I’m just sewing the final bits of the binding on my quilt for tomorrow.  My students were instructed to bring a quilt that represents their typical work as well as the quilt they finished for the challenge.  Tomorrow morning is going to be fun!

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  1. Your post makes me wonder who teaches who. I learned a lot visiting, and you looking forward to the results of your student's work, leads me to think you are learning, too. I love what they have done, so far.... I'm looking forward, too.
    Thanks or sharing.


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