The Quilt Block Project QUILTING Challenge Finishes

My Project QUILTING Class wrapped up this past Tuesday.  I was so proud of my students!IMG_2945
Here’s Krista with her finished quilt!
I also had them bring in examples of work that is more ‘typical’ of what they make.  Her newest piece is on the left…and her typical blocks are on the right!  She definitely worked outside her square on this one!  Great job!
Marsha has given away all the quilts she’s made so far so she brought in some pictures.  I just love the one above of all her family loving their new quilts!
And here is Marsha with her finished quilt top for the Project Quilting Challenge!  I just love what she’s done here!
And…a picture of all three of our projects together.  Mine is in the upper left.
I’m going to walk you through my ‘process’ on this one…
We had to use the majority of fabric from a mystery scrap bag.  This is what I had to work with…definitely not my typical fabric collection.
The challenge was ‘The Quilt Block’ and I had been working on my ‘Nested Churn Dash’ quilt so I decided to just stick with a churn dash.
IMG_2119I started by ‘caveman piecing’ five churn dash blocks together (Ricky Tims Style).  I really liked them but I’ll admit…they sat on my design wall for awhile as they marinated in my mind.
After I listened to Edyta Sitar and saw her trunk show…I had a new idea!
At this point…my design wall was in this state…  Can you see where I pulled in a little of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s 15 Minute of Play theory!?
Here is the quilt that created a spark.  I’ll admit…I’m not a fan of just regular sashing.  I tend to mix my sashings up if I decide to use it in a quilt.  The quilt above though – now that is a sashing I can appreciate!  It completely changes the look of the piece and now I know what to do!
I had some lighter pink in my scrap bag…so I added some of my own scraps of lighter pink to it and used to sash out a larger churn Dash Block with the five miniature ones included – one in the middle and in each of the corners.
And here is the final piece – all quilted and bound!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Definitely a typical ‘Kim Quilt’ but it was a fun challenge that I enjoyed playing on.
I quilted it with wonky straight lines…I didn’t think it needed much more.
Someone asked me the other day what I was teaching and my response was ‘Inspiration.’  Not only to I believe I inspired my students to do something they never thought they would but this class inspired me to do the same.  Looking at this piece I was inspired by three other amazingly talented quilters (Ricky Tims, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and Edyta Sitar) and used it all in the same piece. 
Inspiration comes from all around – don’t be afraid to grab of hold of it and see where it takes you!

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  1. I love this quilt! Looks like a fun process with really neat results.


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