Apple Season In Review

Well, I’ve made it through three weeks of the 2014 apple season.  It’s been full of welcoming new customers and catching up with the regulars.


Our cats and kittens have been a HUGE hit with both the adults and children. 


They seem to like to lay out in a big pile on the couch we have just outside the shop.  IMG_3198

The little Karmen Lindner Photography Library is open for business and kids have been finding new books and treasures to take home to read!


Before the girls started back at school we did our orchard’s photo scavenger hunt.  They had fun for at least a little while. 

IMG_3024Our new honey stick station is a HUGE hit!


And many many pints of raspberries have been picked, consumed and preserved for later consumption and/or processing.

selfie contest - Eleanor

We’re having a #selfie contest for folks who wear our #pleasedontsqueezemyapples t-shirts!  Above is my adorable goddaughter Eleanor going for her chance at the win!

The honeycrisp apples are just about and ready to pick.  Once those get started things are definitely going to get a little crazy at the orchard!  I’ll keep you posted about the exciting happenings!



Bye for now!

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  1. Oh, your post makes me want to catch the ferry and head over to Wisconsin to visit your orchard. Honey Crisps are my favorites. And the slideshow was great.


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