Hard Candy Block Tutorial–52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Greetings from Houston!  I’m writing up this tutorial as I wait for my bus to take off.  We’re going to be heading to a couple of quilt shops before we get to go to preview night at Festival!  I’ll probably be finishing this up when I arrive back.  Sorry for the delay!

I also just quickly re-sketched my dimensions for the block I’m twisting today so – I can’t remember the name of the ‘Traditional’ Block that I’m twisting.  I’ll update this as soon as I return home and can look at my original notes.

Hard Candy Block Tutorial for

52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Finished Block Size – 8” x 8”

By changing where certain colors go in this block – four pieces of hard candy pop out at you.

Cutting Instructions


Fabric A – Background

4 – 3.5” squares
2 – 3” squares
4 – 2.5” squares

Fabric B – Candy (I used four different fabrics)

1 – 3.5” square of each color (four total)


Fabric C – Center Diamond

2 – 3.0” squares


Double Half Square Triangle

We’re going to make two of these for each ‘hard candy’ – and I’m calling it a double half square triangle.


Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of your four 3.5” background fabrics. Place one right sides together with a Candy fabric.


Stitch a quarter inch off each sides of the line you drew.


Cut along the line you drew.

Press towards the candy fabric.


Draw another line on the wrong side perpendicular to the seam you just made. Place the two half square triangles right sides together so they ‘kiss’ at the seams.


Stitch a quarter inch off each sides of the line you drew.


Cut along the line you drew.


Press open.


Square the two double half square triangles to 2.5”. Repeat this with the other three hard candy colors.

Half Square Triangles


Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of your 3” square of background fabric. Place it right sides together with the 3” square of center diamond fabric.


Stitch a quarter inch seam on either side of the line you drew.


Cut along the line. Press towards the center diamond. Square your half square triangle up to 2.5” square. Repeat this with your other set of 3” background and center diamond squares.


Place all your 2.5” squares in the orientation I show open. Stitch these all together in rows and then stitch the rows together to create your final block.


And with that…your ‘Hard Candy’ block is finished!


Get your FREE printable PDF of this block by heading to my craftsy store.  Don’t wait too long…after a month (11/29), the PDF will be $1.


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I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along

Hashtag: #52bTT

Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!


PS – the Quilt show is AMAZING!  I’ll be posting pictures of Day 3 of my adventures hopefully in the morning!

Day Two–Wisconsin To Houston International Quilt Festival

It was another long day on the bus today – but – we made it to our final destination!  IMG_4133

At the beginning of the trip my little guys decided we should work on some teeny tiny hexagons (1/2”). 


Our fun stop was at Pinwheel Quilt Shop in Arkansas.  My trio found a fun little home to snuggle in while I found some fabric. 


Unfortunately, it was rainy out while we were at the shop.  There was an amazing old building just down from the shop and it was worth getting drizzled on to snag a few pictures.


If you look inside the windows you can see some old sewing machines.  I am in love!


The Texas Welcome station was really fun – props for photo’s!  Here are my little guys … and here …


are a few of the ladies on my bus having some fun with the props!10415730_10154760098935543_6068843722605150558_n

We stopped at CC’s Smokehouse for dinner and I had a wonderful cowboy steak that was recommended by the locals – delicious!


And just after 9pm, we arrived at our hotel and now we can make ourselves at home for the next three nights.

I miss my family like crazy – but I’m super excited to see the shows and make some connections with some great quilters!  Tomorrow we are scheduled to visit two quilt shops and then head to the preview night to see all the quilts – can’t wait!

Day One–Wisconsin to Houston International Quilt Festival

IMG_4115My day began before 5am when multiple alarms went off at various timed increments.  We didn’t want to oversleep!  Before I got on the bus to journey to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, apples had to be delivered to the Middleton-Cross Plains School District and then some to Basset Street Diner.  I was riding along with my husband so he could drop me of at the bus pick up.  Just before 7am, I boarded the bus.


I so (SEW) lucked out and have a double seat to myself!  Here is my early morning selfie!10644995_10154754959670543_9078193889514274019_n

My girls sent with me three of their little stuffed animals to take with me on my journey and take pictures of along the way.  You can see they’re nice and cozy in the seat next to me!


We stopped for lunch and a bit of a shopping break at ‘Peace and Applique’ in Rochester, IL.  It was a wonderful shop that I found a *ew* pieces of fabric to buy.


Unicorn, giraffe and monkey enjoyed the shop as well!


Before we stopped for the night – we saw fields of cotton!  It was so pretty – it almost looked like snow or frost over the fields!  We are staying at a Drury Inn and I highly recommend it!  We made it before seven so we got THREE FREE drinks (alcoholic ones) and an all you can eat salad/nacho/hot dog bar.  Hard to go wrong with that! 


And now – unicorn, giraffe, monkey and I are all tucked into bed.  We’ll be getting up early to start our journey first thing in the morning. 

Published–1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider

I’m very excited to announce that a few of my quilts are included in the upcoming book “1000 Quilt Inspirations” by Sandra Sider!  I submitted quite a few quilts and images so I’m not 100% sure which ones will be in there but I do PROMISE to share with you which ones once I actually see the book!quilt inspirations

Book description:

As one of the core, traditional crafts, quilting is enjoyed by countless enthusiasts around the world - and its popularity is only growing. This collection of one thousand quilt DETAILS builds upon this interest, showcasing some of today's most innovative and beautiful WORK. See how others utilize color and design elements to craft creative pieces. Gain inspiration from their variations and intricate techniques. Maybe even CONSTRUCT your own original quilts. Whether YOU ARE a quilter or a collector, a craft-lover or an art enthusiast, 1000 Quilt Inspirations is sure to inspire your admiration and appreciation of the art of quilting. It's also likely to get you itching for some fabrics of your own!

Author Bio:

Dr. Sandra Sider, a New York quilt artist and independent curator, has published articles and reviews concerning fiber art and other aspects of visual culture for three decades. Her graduate degrees include an M.A. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She was President of Studio Art Quilt Associates (2010-2013), and is Consulting Curator for the Texas Quilt Museum.

You can preorder your very own copy by going HERE.  It will be released on February 1st, 2015.  I can’t wait!!!! (I may or may not have ordered 10 copies …)

Nested Churn Dash–Large Quilt Entry

The second quilt I’m entering in the Fall of 2014 Blogger’s Quilt Festival

is my most recent finish – Nested Churn Dash.


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

I’ve been making a lot of quilts from my scraps lately – but it seems as they’re all sort of starting to look the same since they’re from the same bins of scraps.  With my Nested Churn Dash Quilt I decided to started with yardage.  Now that I’m done with the quilt I have some fun new scraps to add to my scrap bins!  I started this quilt to follow along with Quilt Jane and her Nested Churn Dash Along – what fun!  And of course – who doesn’t love them some Quilt Jane!?


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

My nested churn dash blocks are made in a sort of ROYGBIV color scheme - with a  bit of brown and different shades of each color thrown in.  There are two different blocks – basically flips of each other.

One thing I’m most proud of this quilt is how I added that extra half square triangle and strip to the ends of each row thereby creating a sort of ‘chevron’ effect with the blocks.  It was my solution to make the quilt a bit wider even though I didn’t need more length.


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

My aunt, the lovely Barb Raisbeck of Quilts by Barb did the long arm quilting on tis quilt and I think it is just perfect!

Are you loving this jumbo block?  No worries – you can get your very own pattern HERE for just $2!

Category – oh which category?  I just couldn’t decide…so, I check out the dimensions.  The perimeter of this quilt is 254” which qualified it for the ‘large’ quilt category – done!

Quilt Stats

Name: Nested Churn Dash
Finished Size: 73.5” x 53.5”
Machine Pieced: Me, Kim Lapacek
Machine Quilted: Barb Raisbeck, Quilts by Barb
Category Entered: Large Quilt (over 240” around)

If you just LOVE this quilt be sure to head over and nominate it for ‘Viewer’s Choice’!

Thanks for stopping by!

Check out all the AMAZING quilts entered … here are the quick links to all the category pages:

 Mini, Small, Large, Appliqué, Art, Hand Quilted, Home Machine Quilted, Modern, Original Design, ROYGBIV, Scrappy, Viewer’s Choice

quiltson  the fence 2014

My friend Karmen – the lovely lady and talent behind Karmen Lindner Photography came out to the orchard this past Monday to do a quilt photo shoot.  Here’s the first sneak peek she shared with me!  These are most of the quilts I finished between May of 2014 and now.  I just LOVE how they look up on that fence – and then added the gorgeous fall colors and deep blue sky!  I can’t wait to see more!!!!

Once Upon a Time–Art Quilt

The first quilt I’m entering in the Fall of 2014 Blogger’s Quilt Festival


is one of my very own personal favorites – Once Upon A Time. I’ve shown this quilt off on my blog before but never during a Festival.  I am so proud of this piece I felt it deserved some time in the online festival.


The story behind the quilt …

In 2013, I worked on both the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month and the Bungalow Quilting and Yarn’s 2013 Paper Piecing Fairy Tale Block of the Month Quilt Along.  I decided right away that I would work in the same fabrics for the blocks of both.  This way – when I was done, I could combine them all into one big, unique, fun quilt!


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

12 Aurifil blocks (including one completely hand stitched), 20 paper pieced fairy tale blocks (I decided to leave 2 out of the quilt), and a year and a half later – my quilt, “Once Upon a Time…” is finished!

fairy tale close up

I sent my quilt top to Marcia Wachuta of Marcia’s Crafty Sewing and Quilting to quilt it with the instructions that I wanted ‘fairytale whimsy’ mixed with tradition.  I also wanted the words “Once Upon a Time” stitched into the top and the words “and they lived Happily Ever After” stitched into the bottom.  Marcia did a fabulous job of fulfilling my request!


I always have a hard time deciding which category to put my quilts into.  I finally decided that I’m going to enter this one into art quilt. I feel this is not a traditional quilt in the sense of the mixture of traditional blocks with the fairy tale blocks.  I used three different fabrics from the same Laura Gunn Edges line interchangeably as my background fabrics to bring the 32 blocks together in a haphazard crazy way that makes you see something new every time you look at this one.  I do belie it’s truly a piece of art that will keep me warm and cozy at night!

Quilt Stats

Name: Once Upon a Time
Finished Size: 82" x 99"
Machine Pieced: Me, Kim Lapacek
Machine Quilted: Marcia Wachuta, Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting
Category Entered: Scrappy
Awards Won: 
Viewer’s Choice at ‘For the Love of Quilts’ show in Belleville, WI 2014
Accepted and Shown at the Dubuque, Iowa AQS Show in the Bad Ass Quilter Society Exhibit


photo taken by Karmen Lindner Photography

So here it is (next to my Tula Pink City Sampler)!  This was definitely a labor of love.  I enjoy things that are quick and easy but I adding in a crazy challenge here and there – like paper piecing 20 Fairy Tale blocks and mixing them in with traditional blocks – makes life a little more interesting!

If you love it too…be sure to head over and Nominate it for ‘Viewer’s Choice’.

100,000 plus Giveaway WINNER

Thank you to everyone who commented on my 100,000 plus Giveaway post!  The words you all had to say about my blog filled my heart with joy and inspiration.  It’s really nice to hear that people are truly enjoying what I have to say and share with you all.

263 comments were made for the giveaway so I put that into random.org to find my winner …

Fullscreen capture 10232014 83542 AM

Congratulations to celticwoman55!

Her answer to the question:

Why do you like to visit Persimon Dreams’ blog?  (the giveaways, the tutorials, the challenges, pictures of my adorable kids, all of the above or is it something else?)


I just recently started following your blog last month. I really love the tutorials which are the main reason I follow any blog. I like the fat I can get new ideas and how to's for quilts.

Thanks again to everyone for joining in the fun!

Odd Fellow’s Cats Block Tutorial–52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

cat pile

We have a few cats at our orchard.  They can commonly be found all in a pile in one of the chairs in front of our shop.  It seemed only fitting to share this photo with you to go along with today’s block tutorial.

Odd Fellow’s Cats Block Tutorial for

52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Finished Block Size – 10” x 10”

By twisting the traditional block ‘Odd Fellow’s Cross’ a whimsical block full of adorable kittens is created.

Cutting Instructions


Fabric A – Cats (four fabrics)
4 – 3 ¼” squares – cut both angles like shown in the picture above. Put aside two o the four triangles.


4 – 3/14” squares (one of each fabric)

Fabric B – Background

1 – 7.25” square – cut at both angles like shown in the picture above


1 – 2.5” squares
1 – 3.25” square


2” x 4” scraps of each fabric you use for cats.

5” x 6” fusible



Layout all your fabric like I show in the diagram above. This will help you as you sew.


We’ll start by making the cats’ ears. Place a triangle of Fabric A right sides together with the 2.5” square of Fabric B. Center this as much as possible before you stitch it down.


A portion of the triangle will go outside the square – just make sure that at a ¼” it lines up with the square and you’ll be perfect!


Take the second triangle of Fabric A and place it right sides together as centered as possible. Stitch it down.


Press towards the triangle.


Repeat with all four cat ears. Your new layout should look like it does above.


Now let’s sew the cat ears to the cat body.

Place your ear block right sides together with the 3.25” cat body square. Press towards the body.


At this point we just have a nine patch on point that needs to be stitched together.


Let’s stitch these into three rows. Always press towards Fabric B – this will help making your fabrics kiss when you want to match your corners.


Sew your three strips together by kissing the corners together.


Hold your finger on this seam as you sew to ensure the perfect points!


Press towards the larger triangles.

Now – let’s draw our kitten’s tails!


Instead of just making a template that you can print I am going to show you how you can draw your own applique templates. First – draw a right triangle the size of the block your applique is going into. In this case – the two sides are approximately 5”.


I drew basically an outlined ‘S’ coming off one edge for my cats’ tails.


Use this image to trace onto the fusible scraps.


Fuse eeach of these tails to a scrap of Fabric A.


Maker sure to fuse to the wrong side of the fabric.


Place the tails where you’d like them and press them down in place.


You could either draw or embroider more details to your cats – like legs, eyes, noses, and mouths – if you’d like but I like just the silhouette of each critter.

And with that…your ‘Odd Fellow’s Cat’ block is finished!

- - -

Get your FREE printable PDF of this block by heading to my craftsy store.  Don’t wait too long…after a month (11/22), the PDF will be $1.


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I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along

Hashtag: #52bTT

Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!

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