A 6am Mug Rug

That’s right.  I started and FINISHED the November Project QUILTING Challenge today.  I kept it simple, quick and easy – and yet it fits the challenge.  See!  You can do something small and still participate.

I used to be a morning person …but now I have kids.  It seems that the earlier I get up – the earlier my kids get up – leading me to accomplishing nothing.  Now, I stay up late to get anything finished which means my 6am wake ups require coffee. 

IMG_5480So – I made this fun little scrappy mug rug.  I chose orange scraps because it reminds me of the sunrise.


I bound in a fun lime green and I just couldn’t resist adding a few strips of purple because I like how it contrasted with the orange. 

For picture purposes I just had to make a cup of coffee to put on my new mug rug.

And since it’s almost 6pm it may just be Irish decaf coffee. (gorgeous coffee mug made by NStarStudio)

December’s Project QUILTING challenge will go up sometime tomorrow along with an announcement about the upcoming Project QUILTING retreat so stay tuned!

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