A Handmade Christmas!

We started a new tradition last year.  As a family – we put our names in a hat and each draw someone’s name.  Whoever we draw we have to make something for the person’s Christmas gift.  Here’s how the names went this year …

Kim (me) has Jared
Jared has Capri
Capri has Mercedi
Mercedi has Pip
Pip has Kim (me)

On Saturday night, Cedi and I headed down to my sewing room and Cedi got to work on Pip’s present!

cedi sewing

Cedi decided to sew Pip her very own Sponge Bob pillow case!  Even a broken arm didn’t slow her own on the sewing machine.

cedi pillowcase

To make it even more special … Cedi appliqued ‘Pip’ onto the cuff of the pillowcase!  She is so proud of what she made (and I’m beyond proud too!). 

What handmade gifts are you making for the holidays?


  1. Baby doll diapers and a bag for my granddaughter. I'm using scraps from the quilt I made her earlier this year so I know she will love the material. It's always so cute to see that excitement in her eyes when she gets something. It doesn't matter if it is a nice gift for just a piece of candy she is always so over the top with her expression of thanks.

  2. This is a great idea! I'm making bibs for my Little Miss this Christmas...

  3. How adorable. I admit I am making some pillow cases also. My great niece is in love with Elsa so she and her grandparents are getting all coordinated Frozen pillowcases for travel to grands house and naps! :)


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