Christmas Weekend

This weekend was our first Christmas celebration.


Cedi is getting to the age that what she wears matters.  We finally found an outfit she liked.  A gorgeous dress from All The Numbers, blue tights and a Matilda Jane belt!  I personally love it!  I never did get a picture of all three girls in their Christmas outfits … hopefully I’ll get them all in them at least one more time.

The day didn’t go quite as planned.  Cedi was complaining of a sore throat in the morning but it didn’t seem too bad.  By the time we got to my families Christmas party she was pretty miserable with a soar throat and horrible headache.  She spent time just hanging on Papa’s lap.  We then went out to get some Tylenol where she proceeded to get sick.  Time to go!  Jared and I took Cedi to my parents house and the little’s stayed with my parents and my brother’s family.

landwehr family photo

My cousin Dave did get this great picture of all the brother’s and sisters!  Yes – that’s 26 people (13 brothers and sisters with their spouses).  This Christmas party is well over 100 people and is always a good time … unless you have a sick kiddo.

When we got to my parents Cedi took a bath and nap and seemed to be rallying.  We opened presents with my parents and brother’s family while Cedi hung out on the couch.  She quickly went downhill and it was back to bed where she had an okay night of sleep.

christmas 2014

This morning I did get a picture of all the kiddo’s by the tree …

We soon headed home and as soon as we got home, we unloaded the van and Cedi and I were off to urgent care.  It was soon determined – strep.  Whew!  I was getting really nervous that she might have influenza … at least strep is fairly easy to fix – antibiotics and ibuprofen and she’ll be feeling better in a few days.  In fact … a few hours after we got home she was already perking up. 

Fingers crossed this doesn’t spread to the rest of the family! 

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