Level 2 State Gymnasts

Warning!  This is a “Proud Mama” post!  Lots of pictures to come!


Today was the Level 2 State Gymnastics meet which Cedi and Capri both made it into with their Pardeeville gymnastics team.  (There are five more girls on their team that aren’t pictured as they competed at different times according to age.)


As you can see – Cedi still has a cast on her arm.  She managed to break both of the long bones in her arm about 3 1/2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, she had to be a moral support at the meet instead of a participant. 



Capri managed not to break her arm though so she as in the competition!  First up – uneven bars.  This is Cedi’s best event – not normally Capri’s but she’s been working really hard at practice.


The toughest bit … the mill circle (not sure if I am actually writing the correct thing .. that’s what it sounds like when the girls talk about it).  The girls have to straddle the bar and go all the way around.


And today – Capri nailed it!  Well – at least her couch didn’t have to help her at all!  So amazing!!!!!


And here is her dismount!


Loving her form! (to be honest … I have no idea what things are supposed to look like in gymnastics but it all looks amazing to me!)


And she got an 8.2!  One of her best scores yet on bars!  And this got her started out right for the meet to – her confidence was way up there!


And then there’s poor Cedi.  I have to say my heart broke for her today. She’s worked so hard and to have to sit and just watch was really hard on her.  There were times I could see she was just fighting back tears.  But she didn’t cry and she cheered on her teammates.  I am extremely proud of her for handling this like a big girl.


Next event – Beam.  Capri’s pretty good at this one.






I can’t give you a blow by blow because I’m not sure about it all but I thought she looked pretty darn good! Oh – she got an 8.8 on beam!


Capri was the first up in her group on floor.  I almost missed getting some photo’s!IMG_6141-001







And then here are these two cuties!  They both have big sisters competing and they waited patiently during the whole meet!

I didn’t get any decent pictures of the vault because people and coaches in the way.  This is never Capri’s best event.  She has had an issue with timing and now just getting it down.  She was starting to finally at last Thursday’s practice but it just wasn’t there yet.  BUTIMG_6276-001

She still pulled out a 7.3 which is a personal best for Capri and that’s what matters.IMG_6290-001

Actually – what really matters is the smiles and pride you see on these girls faces when the trophies and medals were handed out!  Nice work ladies!


  1. What a fun post Kim, proud momma indeed!!!

  2. A lot of hard work went into those medals. Great memories for you all!


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