Merry Christmas!

Or Happy Holidays – whichever you prefer!  I hope you all have a wonderful day full of fun, laughter and cheer!
We gave each other some gifts last night – Santa’s coming in the morning.  I just had to share a few of the handmade ones!
Jared had Capri’s name and he took his Grandpa’s un-lockable gun cabinet and added some amazing, quirky cool shelves in it.  It is now going to be Capri’s cabinet so she has a proper place to store her tea set collection.  She was a little excited.
Pip was really happy with her new pillowcase that Cedi made her.
Cedi loved the scarf that Capri made for her.
Pip had my name, and with a little help from Capri, made me this fabulous butterfly that I can even color with!  I LOVE it!
Capri decorated a fabric board for me too!  A friend of mine as going to toss it but she made sure to save it because she knew exactly what to do with it!IMG_6628
I have a collection of Christmas tree and Jared and Capri made me a new one for my collection … using the left over from a broken survey tape!  absolutely perfect!
I had Jared and I made him a batch of cookies … his favorite!
The girls decorate cookies today so they had something fun to leave for Santa.  I’m not sure if Pip decorated more or ate more decorations!
As you can see they did a wonderful job!
Christmas Eve was fun at our household and I can’t wait to see what today brings us for memories!

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  1. Wonderfully creative gifts! It looks like fun at your house... Thanks for sharing the fun with us.
    Merry Christmas Hugs


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