The 2014 Aurifil Blocks of the Month

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Block of the Months.  I cannot stress enough how much I’ve learned and how much my piecing skills have improved by following along with so many different designers and seeing their techniques and tricks. 

The 2014 Aurifil Block of the Month did not disappoint me!  I not only learned some new techniques … some that I’ll use again, others I will pass on … but I attempted a low volume quilt.  Well – I attempted it for six blocks and then realized it really wasn’t me and it was time to add some pop of colors!


Okay – here is my final block – December from Jill Finley.  I love this block! 


And now a look at all 12 blocks together!  Aren’t you glad I added some pops of color!?

There are so many blocks here that I would repeat to make a full size quit using just that one block … but if you made me pick my absolute favorite of the bunch …


November’s Block from Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Quilts.  I just love al the different elements in this block and how much fabric placement can change the outcome of this block.  The possibilities are endless!

Now that my twelve blocks are finished am I going to add sashing and put my blocks together to finish this quilt?  Of course not!

Remember what I did with the 2014 Aurifil Blocks of the month?

Traditional Fairy Tale

I added them to some paper pieced fairy tale blocks and ‘Once Upon a Time’ was created.  I have a fun plan for these blocks but I have a lot of work to do before I’m close enough to reveal all.  But – if it turns out as cool as it looks in my head it will be worth waiting for!

The 2015 Aurifil Design team was recently announced here.  If I’m reading it correctly – instead of a block, the designers are all sharing with us a mini quilt pattern!  Yeah!  I’ve recently discovered how much I love these too!  I think my goal for 2015 and Aurifil will be to use the miniature quilts for a color study.  I can’t wait to get started!

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