Balance Quilt

A lot of people like to decide on a ‘word’ each year to help keep them focused on a particular goal.  I have decided to join in the fun this year and to celebrate my word – I made a quilt!

My word is:


IMG_6810When I get in to something it seems to consume my life.  A few years ago I managed to lose a significant amount of weight … but that’s all I did.  I was at the gym almost everyday and I barely took any time to create.  Lately I’ve been consumed with quilting and creating and my health has gone by the wayside.  This year my goal is to find a balance between the two.  I want to still create but I need to put my health back on the spectrum as well.IMG_6813Not only do I have to get my quilting world and my health in balance, but let’s not forget the family and orchard elements of my life as well.  The quilt I made is a symbol of all those things.  I used Inktense colored pencils to create a little art quilt that I’m hanging right above my work station.  Of course – there is the word ‘balance’ on it.  The tree in the quilt is a symbol of balance (and of course it works well since I have an apple orchard).  I added other little images throughout – thread and a quilt (quilting world), scales (balance), an apple (orchard), heart (love/family), barbell (health)IMG_6828

That squiggley thing represents my family and the arrows represent the ups and downs life brings … like sick kiddo’s when that’s the last thing you need!

IMG_6816I messed up quilting the tree ‘leaves’ above and I honestly considered ripping it out to fix it (which is weird because I never usually worry about things like that).  But I decided against it because I like that it is a mistake – I’m sure on my journey to balance I will loose my way but as you can see in the rest of the leaves – I found my way back.IMG_6822

To border my drawing – I took little strips of fabric that I saved from squaring up strips.  I stitched these down randomly with a black zigzag stitch.  I love how it created a nest around the quilt and gave a wonky way of balancing it out.  Also – you can still see some of the white fabric the quilt started with which represents the beginning of the journey. 

balance quilt

Do you have a word for 2015?


  1. Good word. We could all use some of that. My word is HELP.... not the supplication, but the verb. I hope to make and give a bunch of quilts...

  2. Like your word and your depiction of it in your wall hanging. My word is hope.

  3. I enjoy your wishes for success with your efforts toward Balance during the year. A lovely little reminder you made to keep the goal in sight. It has me thinking about how I might do something similar for my word which is Perspective. I am still thinking about how it will inform my actions, mostly trying to see the other persons point of view I suspect but also keeping me moving along my path.

  4. Beautiful quilt as a reminder! I just love your creativity :)


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