Finding Quilt Inspiration

The Project QUILTING challenge is posted; it’s time to be inspired!

I’m going to share with you my process for finding inspiration and hopefully if you’re stuck now, or in the future you can come back to this and use it to help you.

I’ll be using the current Project QUILTING Challenge: Sunrise/Sunset to take you through my process.

The words.  Sunrise / Sunset

What does this mean to me?

The beginning and the ending of a day.

What are the first things that come to my mind when I hear them?

Of course – of course a sunrise and sunset.  My most memorable Sunrise/Sunset moment was a few year back when we got up early to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We drove the entire day to get home and we saw the sun setting over Chicago.  (These are the photo’s I posted on the challenge post.)

How can I think of this differently than what I think everyone else will?

The actual first thing that came to my mind was bookends.  The start and the end of a stack of books. 

buddha bookends

Which then for some reason the thought of ‘Buddha Bookends’ came to mind.  I’m not sure how or if this thought process will end up in my quilt for this challenge or not yet but I do tend to end up making what initially came to mind.

Quilt blocks.

Are there any quilt blocks called Sunrise or Sunset?

In a quick google search I found some.  

sunrise star

Sunrise Star

sunrise quilt

Carolyn Friedlander made the quilt pattern – Sunrise

sunrise navajo

Navajo Sunrise


Sunrise Semi Dresden


Sunset on the Water

sunset crayon box

Crayon Box Sunset Quilt


oranges, yellows, pinks


A great place to search for photo’s is to head to flickr and search sunrise and sunset … the photos you’ll see are just amazing!  To narrow it down – maybe pick a favorite location of yours for watching sunrises/sunsets and search that … Port Washington Sunrise 4-11-2014

photo by Glen Preisler

for example ‘Port Washington Sunrise’.


There are a TON of ‘Sunrise/Sunset’ Songs.  Take a look at the lyrics.  Write them down.  Listen to the music.  The inspiration my hit you.

I just saw this lyric in the Fiddler of the Roof version…

Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers,
Blossoming even as we gaze.

Technique’s I’d like to try

I’ve been running Project QUILTING now for six seasons and I’ve seen so many amazing quilts made by so many amazing artists.  One of my favorite technique’s used was done in the very first season and I have wanted to try it ever since!


Ebony Love of LoveBugStudio’s made this incredible Crooked House quilt and it’s made by using tons of little shreds of fabric.  I just think this is amazing and is definitely something that could be played around with using the Sunrise/Sunset theme.

Other Challenges I need to fulfill

I often look at the current Project QUILTING Challenge and see if I can make it work for another challenge I have to do.  My first Project QUILTING Piece – Curvy Geese Block fit into a ‘Curvy’ challenge I had as well.  The quilt I made this past weekend at the Project QUILTING retreat weekend will also fulfill my quilt guilds challenge.  I have a couple of fabric challenges currently in my hands … I may see if I can fit this into one of those as well. 

Look around you.

Your surroundings are inspiring!  No matter where you are or what you’re doing!  I’m sure you’ve noticed I use a lot of trees in my quilts; I live in the middle of an apple orchard.

Dream about it.

Seriously – I will often think on a project, write out lyrics, lay out some fabrics, etc, right before bed and by morning . *pop* I have an idea!  You just never know what will work!


If you’re having problems finding inspiration I hope this helped you a little bit!  Sometimes you just need to break things down and look in a new spot and the inspiration will hit!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this weeks Project QUILTING Challenge!

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  1. Great post Kim! I often try to see what fits with other challenges or other techniques I want to try. Sometimes I can combine it with a quilt that I have always wanted to try (pattern by someone else) or with an idea I have in my head. All is good when you get to the finish line.


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