Fractured Sunset–a Project QUILTING Quilt

I was exhausted after the Project QUITLING Retreat weekend.  I honestly thought I was just going to make an orange and yellow ombre case for my new phone for this weeks Sunrise/Sunset Challenge.  But then … I started to browse through some books and I knew I had to try something else … even if I was starting later than I typically would. 


I quick browsed through my stash – which is super easy since it’s all nicely organized on Polar Notions boards – and pulled out mostly hand-dyes for a sun and water.  The bright yellow is a commercial print because I didn’t have any bright enough hand dyes at my house (I’m sure Diane has tons but I didn’t have time to go two minutes to her house – I’m on a deadline!).  I then pieced it into a very rough looking sunset over the water.

I had a good chunk of Wednesday to work on my piece.  Above  is the amount up cutting and resewing that I finished before lunch …


And this is what I had done before I had to go and get my girls from school …


And here is what I had finished before I headed to bed for the night.


On Thursday, Pip was AMAZING and let me quilt the piece!


Here she is hard at work coloring pictures for me and being so patience as my machine purred away!


I used three different variegated aurifil threads to quilt wavy horizontal lines across the quilt.  It isn’t matchstick quilting but it’s definitely super close quilting.


Once the quilting was done I put the binding on so I could do the hand stitching during gymnastics.


I faced the binding on so it’s all pulled to the back.  It was the perfect decision for this piece.  It’s not perfectly straight on the edges but I like how that fits the organic look of all the pieces chopped and sewn back together.


I also added in some wonderful half square triangle scraps … this is my favorite spot!


Here are a few of the random pieces of commercial fabrics that I stripped in for more interest!

I’m SO happy with how this turned out!

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  1. Kim this is beautiful! I might have to steal this technique from you someday :)

  2. Looks good! I alomost voted for it! I love the effect of the slice and sew. I had something similar in mind but it went in a totally different direction!

  3. What is this technique called it is so interesting?

  4. Cool! Looks like lots of fun to do!
    Looks great!

  5. it's lovely and so pieceful oops I meant peaceful. Pips looks quite productive while you were too sometimes it's good to let children be children and be in the "space".

  6. it's lovely and so pieceful oops I meant peaceful. Pips looks quite productive while you were too sometimes it's good to let children be children and be in the "space".

  7. Gorgeous! I'll have to try this technique out. Before you started cutting the strips out it looked a lot like your daughter's tree piece for the last challenge. Such vibrance and movement at the end! Lovely.

  8. Very cool, Kim. To start cutting and moving and it turned out like you planned every piece. Just amazing.

  9. Love it. I like the little half squares and nine patches. They add a lot of interest.


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