Room Revamp

Last week I shared with you the ‘before’ pictures of my sewing/creating area – unedited.  With promises of showing you the revamp. 

2014-12-28I would say these are the two areas that are most impressive.  The ‘Before’ drafting table was completely full.  Now you can at least see my Go Baby cutter and there’s room to grow.  2015-01-012

‘Before’ I couldn’t even walk into the corner area hear.  I had to move ten million things just to get the one thing I wanted.  Now things are much more organized and able to get at. 

IMG_6800My sewing area IS cleaner than it was a week ago – but I am still working on projects so it will be never completely clean.  IMG_6804You can see my cutting table again!!!!!!IMG_6806

And look – there’s not a pile of random things in front of my area anymore!  The fabric is all put away, my books are all organized, garbage is all thrown away, and I’m ready to create some amazing things this year!  Although I despise having to re-organize/clean each year it really does feel good once I’m done with it.   IMG_6841

AND!  My in-laws gave me the supplies to put up a new design wall – here it is before we added the flannel …IMG_6842

And here it is in use – all 8 feet by 8 feet of wonderful flannel over foam.  I’m loving it!

IMG_6798If you watched my blog last year you know that I did a massive reorganization of my fabrics.  I wrapped my fat quarters and yards onto boards by Polar Notions.


I’m happy to say that even though it wasn’t the most inexpensive thing I’ve ever done it really worked well to keep me organized!  Look at how beautiful these shelves still look!  It makes it so much easier to pull fabrics for projects and it’s secretly fun to wrap my fabrics on the boards.  Also – it’s easy for me to see if there are certain fabric colors (like green) that I should avoid buying more of. 

What have you done to your sewing room that has made a big difference in keeping things in order?  (For instance – do you have any suggestions for rulers and thread …?)


  1. Wireless (NPRs gift catalogue) carries what is supposed to be a CD cabinet that looks like an old card catalogue. I bought one when I bought an embroidery machine, specifically to store thread for machine embroidery. The one I got has 24 drawers and should be fine for a few years. The cotton thread is all in the double-sided plastic boxes from Connecting Threads, or sitting next to them (the really big cones). So far, both are working for me.

  2. Wow.. and did I mention WOW!!!!!!! What I wouldn't give to be able to organize that for you! I LOVE organizing things like this! I love your fabric! I'll check out the boards you mention. I just was reading another blog about organzing...
    TON of tips for organizing everything... in case you need ideas! Good luck and i look forward to seeing the finished room!

  3. Good work! I like your fabric boards, I might just have to order some of those for myself. I am in the process of getting my sewing room in order. It was the computer room until recently, but I have kicked my husband out and moved in... so now I have all my sewing stuff and my computer crammed in there and I am working to get it all organized and find new places to stash all the junk that is still in the closet from the room's previous life.

    Doesn't look like you have much wall space available, but I have all of my rulers on hooks on the walls around my cutting table. Some of them stack up nicely so I have a few squares on the same hook, few rectangles on a hook, etc. The specialty ones I don't use often are hung up high, while the common ones are easily reached while standing at my cutting table. I just used a variety of Contact strip hooks so that I can easily switch them up without damaging my walls.

    For threads I wanted to be able to see everything, so I got a shallow 4" shelf (wish I had gone either slightly smaller or a little larger) and installed it above my sewing table so I can easily look at all my colors. I need to get one or two more of those shelves! I use Bobbin Buddies to keep my bobbins with the larger Aurifil and Isacord sized spools, and I have some long skinny bolts that came with something-or-other that I have been using to keep the bobbins with the spools with smaller spindle holes like King Tut. I have seen some solutions where people build small shelves and then hang the bobbin on a little nail under the spool, and I really like that... I just don't have a saw and didn't want to invest in one.

    Check out my pinterest page on organization, there are a few good ideas there for rulers and threads

  4. Looks GREAT Kim! What a wonderful design board! For your rulers, could you put hooks on the side of your cutting table to hold them? Or make a sliding shelf for them to lay on below the cutting board....thinking a large industrial cookie tray (if it's the right size?) with a couple 1x2 ' s nailed across the legs to hold it with a "stop guard" to keep it from going out the other side. Any old large trays at the orchard???? I'm also a huge fan of command hooks.

  5. Also, is that a Janome 6600P I see????? If so, have you written any reviews on it? I've been eyeing that for a while and am getting ready to upgrade :)


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