Thankful Thursday

I had plans to blog about something else today … but of course I’m not quite prepared.  So – I headed over to Quilt to see what kind of linky parties were happening today.  I hadn’t seen Thankful Thursday before and after looking through her post I knew exactly what to post about!


I’m thankful that I WON the randomly drawn giveaway for finishing up my Gypsy Wife Quilt over at Factotum of Arts blog!

Because of that these amazing goodies are heading my way!

Seriously!?  This is absolutely AMAZING!  So excited! 

Now I have to decide if I should spent my $50 at Hawthorne to boost my Riley Blake stash to prepare for the upcoming Modern Quilt Guild Challenge OR if I should just find things that make me happy?  (Not that Riley Blake doesn’t make me happy … just something I’ll have to get either way …)  It also means I no longer have to quick delete the Hawthorne Threads newsletter.  They do such a great job and put together such a tempting newsletter I have a hard time not buying fabic every time it arrives in my inbox!

You can see what the other Gypsy Wife Quilts look like HERE



  1. How awesome! Congratulations on winning such a great package. Hawthorne Threads is a very tempting site for me, and I think I have a gift card that I'll probably use to help with the MQG Riley Blake challenge, myself!

  2. Congrats on such a great prize! I have to go through my stash and see what I have for the MQG challenge. But I wouldn't mind a trip to have some fabric retail therapy :)

  3. Awesome, Great quilt. Well deserved prize!

  4. Congrats - great prize and beautiful quilt!


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