Layout 3 of the #ScrappyCrownAlong

Okay – so how are the  #scrappycrownalong’s coming along?  I’m excited to see more and more blocks popping up on instagram! It’s really fun seeing what everyone’s putting together for fabric!  I’ll just be sharing with you one layout this week as I really have to work on my Project QUILTING Challenge.  There will be two more layouts revealed again next week though.

For the first layout I shared with you how to make 5” finished half square triangles.  When I first started I told myself I would suck it up and make all my 5” finished squares into Crown of Thorns.  I completely forgot how much I get bored by making the same blocks over and over … so instead you are all going to benefit from my lack of attention span.  I’ll be sharing even more options than the half square triangles as simpler (but still dramatic) filler 5” finished squares you can swap the tiny crowns out for.

Snowball Tutorial.



1 – 5.5” background square


4 – 2.25” focal square



Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all the 2.25” squares.


Lay them out onto the 5.5” background square right sides together in the orientation shown.IMG_7131

Sew a seam right on the line you drew.



Trim off the outside corner.


Do this for all four corners.


Press towards the focal fabric.  If you ever don’t feel like making the 5” Crown of Thorns blocks feel free to replace them with these 5” snowball blocks or the 5” (finished) half square triangle blocks!

Layout 3:

Fullscreen capture 1282015 62629 PM-002

To make this block – you need to make

  • 3 – 15” Crown of Thorn Blocks
  • 1 – 10” Crown of Thorn Blocks
  • 5 – 5” Crown of Thorn Blocks

I chose to use a few of the HSTs and Snowballs for 3rd layout.  IMG_7254Here’s what my block looks like …  I swapped values on the one 5” crown of thorns block I did make and by using the snowball and half square triangle blocks more interest will be added to the quilt by breaking things up just a bit.

Fullscreen capture 1282015 62629 PM

And here are what me three blocks look like laid out so far. 

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