Layout 4 for the #ScrappyCrownAlong

Happy Monday everyone!  Are you enjoying your Mondays?  As a stay at home mom I have to admit that I do love my Monday’s.  The big girls go back to school, hubby goes to work and it’s just Pip and me hanging out. 

pip oh pip

Pip’s been extra adorable this morning drawing a purple and ‘lellow’ sun on my valentine.  As well as doing her own hair and putting on fairy wings so she can be a ‘Fairy Princess’ today.  When I called her that her response was, “That’s the word!”  Can you tell I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and I’m not ready for her to grow any bigger!!!!

Okay – enough about Pip!  Let’s see what we’re making today for the #scrappycrownalong.

This layout requires quite a few 5” crowns so of course … I have another ‘alternate’ tutorial for you.  This one looks like teeny tiny pieces BUT it’s not because we’re going to use strip piecing!

5 Patch

Cutting Instructions

(this will make five – 5” finished 5 patches … wow – that’s a lot of 5s!)


Dark fabric
5 – 1.5” x 20” strips

Light fabric
5 – 1.5” x 20” strips



Sew one strip set together that goes dark, light, dark, light, dark.  Press towards the darker fabric. IMG_7329

Sew a second strip set together that goes light, dark, light, dark, light.  Press towards the darker fabric.

Cut perpendicular to the seams in the strips into 1.5’ x 5.5” strips.  (If you sewed with a proper quarter inch seam your strips should measure 5.5” already)


Take five strips (two from one color combo and three from the other) and lay them out so a checkerboard effect is created.


Sew the five 1.5” x 5.5” Strips together and press.

Now If you ever don’t feel like making the 5” Crown of Thorns blocks feel free to replace them with these 5” 5 Patch blocks OR the 5” snowball blocks OR the 5” half square triangle blocks!

Layout 4

Fullscreen capture 252015 110809 AM-001

To make this block – you need to make

  • 2 – 15” Crown of Thorn Blocks
  • 2 – 10” Crown of Thorn Blocks
  • 10 – 5” Crown of Thorn Blocks

I chose to use a few of the HSTs and 5 Patches for my 4th layout.


Here’s my block before I sewed all the pieces together.  I’m not sure if you noticed but I flipped background values on my three #scrappycrownalong blocks on the top.  Just to mix things up a bit!IMG_7340

And here’s my fourth block all stitched up!  I love it and I’m pretty sure I love it even more with those alternate blocks all mixed in!

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