Universal Pandemonium: Finished Project QUILTING

I thought the UFO/Orphan Block Project QUILTING Challenge was a bit easy.  I do have to say though I’m glad it was as there were many obstacles to deal with this week that prevented me from spending much time on my piece.

Luckily – I knew exactly which piece I was going to work with as soon as I got the challenge post ready.  The little quilt top above is one that I made at the 2012 Quilts by Barb Retreat.  I pull it out every few months and stick it on my wall and try to decide what to do to finish it.  This week it was time to finally do just that!

pq pieces

Step 1 – Cut up my quit top into 3.5” squares.


Next – I took my bucket of half square triangles and


randomly sewed them onto the corners of the 3.5” squares.


After putting it up on the wall I realized if I added some more half square triangles I could wonky stars!  I also grouped some of the lighter fabrics together so that a few of the stars would really pop out.

pq - keeping pip busy

One of my biggest Project QUILTING challenges is keeping Pip occupied so that I can work on my quilt.  Here’s the quilt she laid out on my design wall using my collection of 2.5” squares.

pq ready for quilting

It was time to sandwich the quilt and quilt it!

pq starting to quilt

I was inspired by one of Angela Walter’s quilting books to make some fun designs on my piece.  I used a variegated aurifil thread.


Once the quilting was done I tacked down the flange I had put on before the border to make it ‘wave’ throughout the piece.


I’m so happy with how it all turned out.  It’s crazy busy but 100% my style!

The quilting is fun too and it was really great to just play around with my free motion on this one.IMG_7318

Because my friend Trish is always giving me crap about boring backs for my quilts I put a sort of cool one on this one.  I sewed the hanging sleeve on right with the binding.


Just another random close up.

And with that!  My quilt is done!

Quilt Stats:

Name:  Universal Pandemonium
Machine Pieced and Quilted by Kim Lapacek
Finished Size: 30” x 30”
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  1. The back is AWESOME! And so is the front. :)

  2. This is beautiful! I often hate that you can't win one of your own prizes. Congrats on another beautiful finish.

  3. What a fun process! I love that you saw the wonky stars and laid the blocks out to enhance them. Kim-style for sure, but still some new things to play with. www.quiltartbymegan.com

  4. I love the stars. This is one of those quilts you can see something new each time you look at it. Awesome backing too!

  5. I love the stars. This is one of those quilts you can see something new each time you look at it. Awesome backing too!

  6. Whoop whoop! Another fabulously colored quilt! So happy!

  7. Whoop whoop! Another fabulously colored quilt! So happy!

  8. i'm really impressed with what you did with this quilt. It's very organic.

  9. Those lighter highlights really make this come alive! Well done for re-creating your quilt and I love the flange! Thanks for joining us at #scraptastictuesday

  10. Great creative process and great result. I'm surprised how well the flange fits into it all and adds just the right amount of interest. I first thought that could be too much but no, it's just perfect. Congratulations!

  11. Great quilt. I love how the wonky stars add so much to the top.

  12. So many details to ponder and admire. What a great job. And it sounds like you had such fun making this quilt I especially like your wavy flange... but then the stars, outer border and quilting are a treat, too. Thanks so much for sharing your process. Very inspirational.


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