Charming Chunky Wee Bag

I did it!  I finished my project for the final Project QUITLING Challenge of season 6 – Isn’t that Charming?  I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the week how it was all going to come together and happen since my ‘to do’ list was quite long.  But as always – I made it happen and I’m so happy I did!

I decided I wanted to make a bag with lots and lots of squares so I could put my fun crafty pin collections right on it. I pulled all my charm squares out and just randomly pulled my favorite ones from the pack.  I started by sewing 20 of them into one of the pieces of the bag.  By the end I can guarantee that I used way more than 20 charm squares to make this project.

patchwork pieces project quilting

I decided to use Sam Hunter’s ‘Chunky Wee Bag’ pattern for me bag.  I sewed all the outside pieces together using the charm squares – even the strap and the key ring holder!  It is super patchy and fabulous! Charming Chunky Wee Bag for Project Quilting progressAnd here are all my pieces ready to be sewed together!  I can’t say enough good things about this bag pattern!  I followed along as I was supposed to and before I knew it I had the best bag EVER!Charming Chunky Wee Bag for Project Quilting

And here it is!  I am so excited about this bag!  When I finished it – Pip was just not excited enough so I had to call my friend Trish and flip out a bit about how cool it turned out!

Charming Chunky Wee Bag for Project Quilting

and here is the other side …

Charming Chunky Wee Bag for Project Quilting inside

I did not piece the inside with charms.  Instead I used a fun floral purple and a Kaffe green floral for the pockets. 

Charming Chunky Wee Bag for Project Quilting

And just one more view!  I am so freaking happy about this bag!!!!  And I made it so it is a cross over bag … my favorite way to carry.

Charming Chunky Wee Bag for Project Quilting with buttons

And I had to take a picture of the bag with some of my buttons on it!  I just ordered my buttons from QuiltDots so they will soon adorn this bag too!

It is bittersweet for me that this is the end of Project QUILTING Season 6.  It’s been a joy to see so many folks create and make and see that they CAN do something amazing in just one week.  But I have to say – I really need to get some other things done and it will be nice to not HAVE to make a quilt every other week!

But don’t worry – there will be ‘off season’ monthly challenges and Season 7 will start up in January 2016!


  1. This was my idea too but this has been a tough work week,

  2. What a fun scrappy bag. I love that pattern! Good call to have a non-pieced fabric on the inside. It would've been double the work to piece those. :)


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