Isn’t that Charming?–Challenge 6 of Project QUILTING

Good morning everyone!  I am frantically trying to sew together my 12th and final block for the scrappycrownalong before it’s time to get started on the FINAL Project QUILTING challenge!  It’s always an exciting time! 

One for You, One for me Batiks Charm Pack by Pat Sloan for moda at the Fat Quarter Shop
Every week that you enter a piece for a Project Quilting challenge you are entered into a literal hat to win one of the amazing prizes listed at THIS POST from our sponsors including Aurifil, Sew BitterSweet Designs, Mishka's Playground, Waggons West, Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting, Laundry Basket Quilts, Village Creek Quilts, Quilt Chicken and Mill House Quilts!  There will also be a special prize for the ‘Viewer’s Choice’ finished project this week.

Charm pack sent for swap

299 quilts have been made this so far in Season 6!  This is absolutely AMAZING! I can’t wait to see how many will be made in the final challenge.

The most quilts made in one single challenge ever is 72.  Let’s try to end Season 6 with a bang and beat this number!  Please help spread the word to anyone and everyone who is even slightly interested in making a quilt!  This will be a great opportunity to give it a try AND even just doing one challenge gets your name in the hat for the GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE!!!!

shotcott ons
Shot Cottons Charm Pack Sampler in Dark at Hawthorne Threads

The Challenge: Isn't That Charming?

This weeks we're going to use Charms.  Charms are 5 inch squares of fabric.  Many of you probably have charm packs in your stash.  Or if you don't you can cut your own 5 inch squares from any fabric you choose.
  1. The entire right front side of your project must be constructed using charm squares. The only exception is the binding. It can be cut from yardage along with backings, linings, etc, that will not show on the right front side of your project.
  2. You must use at least 20 charm squares.
  3. The charms squares can be cut and manipulated in any way you choose.
  4. Embellishments can be added, but are not required.
  5. Your project does not need to be a traditional quilt, but must meet at least one of these requirements:
    1. Include patchwork.
    2. Include appliqué.
    3. Have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine.
  6. Your project must have a name.
  7. Projects must be FINISHED and LINKED UP at the bottom of this post by Sunday, March 22nd at Noon, CDT.
Screen Captures1

Bobbins and Bits Charm pack by Pat Sloan for moda at Fabrics N Quilt

Other info …
    • I would still love if everyone posted to the Flickr Group as that makes making mosaics and looking over things much easier, but it is no longer required.
    • There is now a ‘Challenge Quilts’ Facebook Group you can join in on to share your thoughts, questions, or whatever related to quilting challenges.  You can always post progress pictures there if you want too!
    • Please use the hastag #pq6 when posting on social networking sites to help spread the word
    • If this is your first time participating in Season 6 or you haven’t emailed me yet … Please email Kim at {lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com} with ‘PROJECT QUILTING SIX’ in the subject line so that Kim can keep you updated on the behind the scenes going-ons and get all her records straight.
    • ‘How to link up to a Link Up’ post
    • If you can’t figure out how to link up … just email me picture(s ) of your project with a description and I’ll post for you … lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com
Hello Betty Charm Pack

Please be sure to Link Up your project at the bottom of this page.  If you don’t link up in time you won’t be qualified for any prizes!  VERY IMPORTANT!

Link up either a blog post, flickr image or instagram to the linky by Sunday, March 22nd, 2014, at noon, CDT.


  1. Oops! I thought I left a comment. I see that the requirement changed from "right" side to the front. What if you wanted to make a tote--that is all charms, but only 15 of them would show on the front? There would be well over 20 used, but since it is a tote-only technically 15 show on the front. 12 for the front body of the bag and then three used for the pocket. The back would have 12 again.... Just wondering if this would count, or if I should head in a different direction. Thanks for your input! This is a tote I have wanted to make, but just keep putting off. Also, another first for me--making a bag! Thanks for the inspiration and the push to try things on my "someday" list!

    1. That should be fine. As long as part of your 20 charms aren't on the inside of your back so no one can see it. Who's to say which side of a bag is correct? I know that I rarely carry my bag in the same direction each time!

  2. Oh yeah!!! I have several charm packs I've been wanting to use! The challenge now will be that I can't add yardage to it....hmm mm. ...oh! I have a couple books with ideas for working with precuts. Yeah! I've SO enjoyed the challenges this season! Thanks so much Kim & Diane!

  3. Question....if I'm making snowball blocks or something similar, do the c owners and centers also need to be cut from charm squares?

    1. Yes! but you could easily cut a charm square into 4 - 2.5" squares for your corners and use a regular charm as you center ... everything has to start as a charm.

  4. Just to make sure - the 20 do not need to be from the SAME charm pack, correct? I am excited, not adding yardage makes this a real challenge!

    1. Nope! just as long as you use 20 five inch squares it's all good. They don't even have to come from a charm pack - you can cut your own out of your fabric stash.

  5. If you are making a bag, the strap can be from yardage right?

    1. If the strap is made of fabric I would say it would have to be pieced from 5" charms ...


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