Layout 12 of #scrappycrownalong Quilt

It’s hard to believe that the #scrappycrownalong quilt block layout wraps up today.  It’s been an intense few weeks trying to keep up with these blocks but somehow I’ve managed to do it!  I have to say – having these deadlines have really kept me on task and made me get things done.  And it’s been really fun watching all of you share your blocks and creations with me too!  Let’s see our final block layout. 

Layout 12

Fullscreen capture 2112015 81506 AM

To make this block – you need to make

Fullscreen capture 2112015 81416 AM

And if you decided to make all of your blocks out of the actual Crown of Thorn Blocks here’s what the final quilt looks like – chaotic but amazing!!!!


This is what I came up with for my final Crown of Thorn Quilt block layout.  I only did one 5” crown of thorn.  I supplemented with 8 half square triangle blocks,  two nine patches, two crown block and three snowball blocks.


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And here’s what all of my blocks are going to look like once I sew them all together!  I can’t believe it! 

Once these blocks are all sewn together my quilt will measure 90” x 120” – that’s a big quilt!  I do feel like it’s slightly off in the proportion to width and height.  I’m contemplating adding 5” half square triangles down both sides of the quilt to get the quilt to measure 100” x 120”.  I think that might fit better proportionally … I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with this #scrappycrownalong !


  1. I just love your scrappy COT blocks so much. this will be a wonderful quilt. hugs, Julierose


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