March Quilting Goals–ALYoF

It’s that time!  I need to declare my ALYoF goal for March!  I’ve been doing a ton of sewing and quilting so far this year and I think I need a low key March Goal.  It’s still an important goal but because of the end size I think it’s definitely manageable.

Quilt Talk and Fancy Pants Ferments

I am going to FINISH the farmer’s market booth banner for my friend ‘Fancy Pants Ferments’.  I will be using Sam My ButtonHunter’s Book “Quilt Talk” to paper piece the letters of the name and then spoonflower fabric I made out of the business logo.  It’s going to be a fun project and I can’t wait to make some more progress on it!  (Those little letters are so fast and addicting – and adorable!) 
Have you made your March goal yet?


  1. I seriously ADORE Quilt Talk! I have only just barley started getting into paper piecing - and actually, I was terrified of it, but I had a friend ask me to do a quilt with words on it, and Spell it with Moda letters weren't appropriate for the piece, so I dove in, and just LOVE that book! Can't wait to see your finished banner!!

  2. Yes, I have that book too! Love it. Just having a snoop around your blog. I really like your style!

  3. I do not have the book Quilt Talk but I'm thinking I need it!! What a fun goal!! Good luck!


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