Crazy Quilters and Courthaus Quilters - Review

Over the last two weekends I’ve displayed my quilts at a couple of local shows.  The first – was a the Mukwanago Crazy Quilter’s Show.  I had met many wonderful women from this guild on my bus trip to Houston and they had said wonderful things about the show.  I managed to get my application in on time.  Pip and I delivered the quilts the Friday before the show.  Cedi decided to come with me on Sunday to check out the show and pick up the quilts.  We were pleasantly surprised!  FOUR of the five quilts I had submitted had ribbons on them!


“Once Upon a Time’ got a second


“Novitiate Nebula’ had a Honorable Mention


“Modern Log Cabin’ had a second


And Cedi’s favorite ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart’ had a second!

How amazing is that!?  I have to say – it felt great seeing my quilts with awards on them but what was even more wonderful was to see how excited Cedi was that her mom had won awards. 

IMG_6013To add a little whipped cream to the top of the day – Author Marie Bostwick was at the show!  She gave a talk about her books and got everyone excited about her newest book - The Second Sister.  I was lucky enough to read an early copy of this book and it’s a wonderful read!  Cedi was pretty excited too to see a ‘real live author’! 0420154

And of course – to make a perfect day – we need to add the cherry on top!  I had also brought down quilts for my good friend Trisha Frankland of Quilt Chicken.  Three of her four quilts also got ribbons – Judges Choice, first, and second!!!! 

This past weekend was the Courthaus Quilter’s Show in Monroe, WI.  Monroe, WI is Trisha Frankland’s hometown so she took the lead on bringing the quilts to and from the show.

I was able to put in three quilts per their category restrictions and I’m ridiculously proud to say that all three got a ribbon. This time a Judge’s Choice (Celebrate Annie), a first (Once Upon a Time), and a second (Gypsy Wife).  Trish once again also took home quite a few ribbons!  You can see a complete list of the winners here

I’ve been entering my quilts in show in hopes that folks will see my work and ask me to come and talk at their guild … my new favorite thing!  Fingers crossed I caught some attention!


  1. Congratulations--i love your scrappy quilt works...hugs, Julierose

  2. Congratulations on your ribbons. It takes courage to put yourself out there. They are lovely quilts and the little star is so cute!

  3. Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful! ! !

  4. Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful! ! !

  5. Playing "catch up" on blog reading today. Congrats on your quilts winning prizes! So excited for you and isn't it fun when our kiddos are proud and happy for us?


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