Simply Color

If you’re at all like me you are currently anxiously awaiting for the first day of May when the first block of the ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Project QUILTING challenge will be posted.  I have my fabric and I’m ready to sew!

But instead, I’m gearing my mind up with inspiration and knowledge about color! 

simply color Red and Orange

My new favorite books about color are the ‘Simply Color’ series from Vanessa Christenson.  So far, I have

And I love them so much I’ve already pre-ordered the rest of them!

Why do I love these books?  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I tend to mix colors and patterns together in way that most would not.  Typically, it works though which is awesome!  Folks have asked me to teach this but truly it is just a gut response.  My goal has been to really learn more about the theory behind color so I may be able to explain my gut a bit more.  We’ll see if that happens!

These books have quilt patterns and some fun historical facts and stories too!  And – come on – they are GORGEOUS!  I don’t know about you but I just love to see books on my shelves.  It makes me happy and I know these six will be a stunning rainbow of color to add to the collection!

And of course … make sure yours fabric stash is well stocked!


Craftsy is having a Flash Sale this weekend!  Great chance to stock up!

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