Ballet Recital 2015

My girls had their ballet recital this past Saturday.  They’ve been in dance since September and have been working really hard to be prepared for this performance.  AND – it was Pip’s very first recital ever! 

DancersI snagged a group shot of the girls with some of their friends who were also in the recital. 


I was in the WAY WAY WAY far back of the auditorium for both of the shows.  I had to put on my super zoom lens to get these shots but really … they could have definitely been worse!  Pip and TinsleyThis is Pip’s final pose at the end of the dance.  Every single time in practice and rehearsal, Pip just gets right on top of Tinsley and plays with her hair.

Pip and Tinsley

And for the final performance of the day Pip FINALLY does this!  It’s like she’s thinking, “Ta Da!  I did it and now I am done!”  I am so in love with this shot!

I don't want to be a Princess Dancers

Mercedi and Capri were both in the same dance class.


This was Cedi’s fourth recital.  Check out those legs!  I call her #Cedilonglegs for a reason!Capri

And this was Capri’s third recital!  They all did wonderful and it was fantastic to watch.Magic Mirrors Dancers

And here is the final pose of their group. 

The entire recital was wonderful and you could just see how hard all the kids worked and how much talent there is in this group.  I have to admit it’s a lot more fun for me to go to the recitals now than when Cedi first started.  Now I know a lot more of the kids that are in the show and it’s fun to see how much they’ve grown as kids and dancers.

Miss Erin and Pip Montage

But the main reason I keep my kids in dance is because of their teacher – Miss. Erin.  Miss Erin is absolutely wonderful!  She not only teaches my kids to dance but to have fun, to try their hardest, and to enjoy every minute of life.  I just had to share the shots I took of Miss Erin with Pip in the finale.  Pip was having  a ‘Pip’ moment in the final finale.  She was tired and didn’t really want to be up there. 

  • Scene 1 – Pip is alone.
  • Scene 2 - you can see that Capri and Cedi went to ask her to dance (super proud of them for that by the way). 
  • Scene 3 – Pip is still alone.
  • Scene 4 – Miss Erin stops to check on Pip (remember this is the finale so there are almost 200 kids on the stage at this point).
  • Scene 5 – Miss Erin hugs Pip
  • Scene 6 through 12 – Pip is out of her mood and dancing her heart away to freeze dance with Miss Erin.

PS.  I took over 400 pictures during the recital … I’m really proud of myself for editing this post down to as few as I did!

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