Elephant in the Middle Quilt

The actual title of this quilt is “Monkey Elephant in the Middle” but they wouldn’t let me put strikethrough text in my title.

monkey wrench sketch

I’ve found myself sketching ideas a lot more often then I ever used to before I start working on a new design.  The ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Challenge block was the Monkey Wrench for May.

The big thing now was – Can I actually make it work!?

   monkey wrench blocks

After the I had the first two blocks I knew that this was going to work!

monkey wrench blocksAnd before I knew it six blocks were together …

monkey wrench block layout

and then 9!  It was time to baste and quilt!

free motion quilting

I used my Bernina to do straight line stitching in the ‘dark’ areas of the monkey wrench blocks. 

free moition quilting

And then I put my free motion foot on and did pebble quilting in the ‘light’ areas.  I am so happy with how my quilting turned out!  It really added to the finished quilt and made the two sections – light and dark really show up!

 Elephant in the Middle Quilt

And voila!  Here is my final quilt! 

Quilt Stats

Name: Monkey Elephant in the Middle
Size: 20” square
Focus Color: Yellow
Designed, Pieced and Quilted by: Kim Lapacek

Elephant in the Middle Quilt - value check And by making my image black and white I can do a value check.  And what do you know – it was actually successful!!!!!  This isn’t that ‘crazy’ of a quilt but I am so proud of it!  Value in my quilts have always given me trouble and it feels so good to triumph over it for once.

Elephant in the Middle Quilt

I had fun doing the photo shoot on the deer fence.  The sky and clouds behind it were just stunning!

free motion quilting

Here’s a closer view of both the pebble quilting and the straight line quilting.  I used a yellow variegated thread from aurifil for the quilting.  It variegates from a light, almost white yellow to a deep, golden yellow, which also adds to the depth of this quilt.  I just love the contrast the soft and sharp lines make and it feels great when you swipe your hand across the quilt top too!

Elephant in the Middle Quilt

And for good measure … one more picture of Monkey Elephant in the Middle blowing in the wind.

So what do you think?  Would you like me to write up a pattern for this one?  Let me know!


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  1. Lovely quilt! I especially like the straight line quilting on the yellow, and the pebbles on the background. Thanks for the tip on using varigated thread; beautiful effect.

  2. How cool! Love the design and quilting and yes of course...the elephant in the middle!

  3. Nicely done! Design, value, quilting, and of course the elephant in the middle!

  4. What a great quilt! It's so cheerful and happy. Love your quilting and the little elephant is so much fun!

  5. Great quilt! I love the elephant :)

  6. That's a super design. Such an effective use of value and just love the elephant. What a wonderful children's room wall hanging this would make.

  7. I can envision this oversized for a child's quilt. I especially like the elongated wrenches. You certainly made the values of the fabrics and your quilting enhance your design.

  8. What a great idea for a block, I love the concept and your quilt turned out so beautiful! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  9. Really like the quilt and the way the colors contrast with the yellow. It is so beautiful.


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