A Cross Stitched Gnome

Our neighbor girl who has been babysitting for us practically since Cedi (our oldest) was born graduated from High School this year.  She’s a wonderful kid and I know she has big things in her future.  We’re super excited for her but we are all going to miss her terribly!  She loves gnomes and she’s really arty so I knew she’d appreciate a little cross stitched piece.  I found this fun gnome kit and got to work whenever I had a minute.
gnome 7
I think it’s fun to see how these little cross stitching projects progress.  When you just add a few more crosses or colors the project changes so much!
gnome 6
Getting close with this one!
gnome 5
And the main gnome is done.  Just wait until you see what a difference the black outline makes!
gnome 3
And here’s the little guy all outlined!
gnome 2
He wasn’t quite finished until I added a few strands of grass to the background.  It’s all about the details!
gnome 1
I just covered a mini little canvas that came with an easel for the final display.  I love this little guy!  It’s fun to take a step away from quilting for a bit and just do something that’s 100% for fun!

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