Blocks for a Special Project

I was asked to make two blocks for a special project my friend Trisha Frankland is working on. 

Along with a block tutorial of the block I show below these were my instructions:

Your 3 fabrics can be any combination of lilac, powder blue, and pale mint green and think

shabby chic print combinations: floral, dots, small checks.

 Fabric A – 4 quantity 4” squares

 Fabric B—2 quantity 4” squares

 Fabric C—2 quantity 4” squares, plus 1 quantity 1.5” square

Your neutral can be white or cream, but very pale —solid or print, white-on-white, shirting.

 White—8 quantity 4” squares, plus 4 quantity 1.5” x 5.5” strips

Now – as many of you know – these are not typical colors or fabrics that I use when I make quilts.  It was really fun to search for the perfect fabrics to use.

block 1

This is the first block I came up with.

block 2

And the second one!  The mint green in this one is a Cotton N Steel basic and it has gold accent on top!  I LOVE this fabric!

I’ll show more pictures of what Trish does with these blocks as the project progresses. 

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