Gone Fishing

Last Saturday Capri was asked by a little boy, Wyatt, in her class to go fishing with him at his families cottage to celebrate his birthday.  Capri was super excited to go since this was her first time fishing!

IMG_0034Her grandparents had gotten her a fishing pole and tackle box for Christmas but we just hadn’t found time to take her fishing.  This was perfect for us too!

As luck would have it … it pretty much rained the whole day.  We went to have a cook out with the family when we picked her up and the weather finally cleared up so the kids were on the dock fishing. 

fishing with wyatt

It wasn’t too long after we arrived that Capri reeled in her first fish – a cute little walleye.  Luckily for Capri, Wyatt was there and took care of taking the fish off the hook and touching the fish and then putting a new worm on her hook.  She may take after me when it comes to fishing … I love doing it as long as I don’t have to touch anything (thanks Dad for always taking care of the fish I caught!). 

fishing - wyatt

Wyatt reeled in a nice sized striper not long after Capri caught her fish.  Capri was still not into the fish itself.  Pip had a good time touching it and made sure to place herself in the picture!fishing - walleye

While everyone was up getting dessert Capri caught another walleye.  This time Wyatt’s Dad did all the work for her.  I love this picture … Jeni is holding Capri in the picture with the fish! 

So – I know Capri had fun casting and reeling in the fish but I’m not sure how good of a fisherwoman she’s going to be if she can’t get things together a little bit once the fish are out of the water …

While it wasn’t the most successful day of fishing I know the kids all had a great time and I have to say that I’m glad we were there in time to see her reel in her first fish.


  1. Yum - walleye! I don't mind handling the fish, but I get really, really bored fishing. Kudos to Capri for learning to cast and enjoying (most of) the process.

  2. First time fishing with my youngest, he got his foot caught in the line of the fish on the bank. He freaked that the fish was following him! He turned out to be my only child who loves fishing. His two brothers and parents could care less. He will fish all day every day if he could.


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