Patched Lives Quilt Guild Lecture

With school out for summer things have been crazy around here.  Not crazy in a bad way, just crazy in a way that I need to figure out my new schedule.  I haven’t been finding quite as much time online as I was before school was out but I’ll try to keep in touch at least 3 to 4 times a week with you all.

Last Wednesday, I was honored to be the guest speaker at ‘Patched Lives Quilt Guild’ in Wales, WI.  It was an extra special talk for me not only because of the wonderful group of quilters that welcomed me but in the fact that my family was there to support me and hear me speak. 


Now that I’m starting to book more of these lectures, I wanted my girls to know what it was that I was doing when I wasn’t at home.  It was also neat to have Jared see my talk.  My favorite comment on the way home was, “You really know your quilting lingo.”  Well – I would hope so!  It is what I do all day and night!


As I mentioned earlier – it was a wonderful group of quilters.  I’m so grateful that Chris Lynn Kirsch suggested that the guild invite me to be a speaker.  I’m pretty sure I’ve peaked some interested in Project QUILTING from some who may have not have heard of it before and at the very least – I hope I’ve inspired a few to not be afraid of a challenge. 

And yes – we grow honeycrisp apples at our orchard.

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