Soul’s Blossom–Project QUILTING June Challenge

I love free form quilting.  When I saw the ‘Friendship Star’ Focus Through the Prism Challenge I knew I wanted to do some skinny free form quilting for this piece and I knew I wanted to use the indigo fabrics to do it. Soul's BlossomSo … I pulled some blue and indigo and purple and other fun scraps out and I just started to free form piece them together in whatever way I wanted!Soul's Blossom

And then I sewed some more together and then I sewed them all together into one piece.Soul's BlossomOnce I had a main block pieced together it was time to add in the friendship star so I cut the block up even more.Soul's BlossomAnd I kept cutting it up even more.  Do you see where the friendship stars are going to be?Soul's BlossomOnce my cuts where made it was time to free form piece some yellow, orange, and red strips into the star spots.Soul's BlossomAnd this is where I was at.  At first I thought this is where I was gong to stop but it didn’t feel that great to me.Soul's BlossomSo I added a few more cuts and I added some more fun strips.Soul's BlossomAnd then I just couldn’t stop!  I cut and sliced and filled and cut some more … and this was where I was at!  Soul's BlossomI added some deco foil embellishment and then I quilted the piece with wonky diagonal line quilting in a blue aurifil thread.  (This quilt is a perfect 20” square … I just wasn’t standing at the proper angle when I took the picture.)Soul's BlossomOnce the machine quilting was done I did a little bit of big stitch hand quilting with aurifil 12 weight variegated thread.    Soul's Blossom

I am beyond happy with this quilt!  I see a lot more free form piecing in my future!

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  1. Wow! Your quilt looks like a mosaic of broken pottery. What a cool quilt!

  2. Very cool. Thanks for showing your process.

  3. You have such a great sense of quilting. It looks like you had lots of fun!!!


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