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July Project QUILTING Focus Through the Prism Challenge:  Log Cabin
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Grounded Origins–A Log Cabin Quilt

‘Grounded Origins’ is the quilt I created for the July Focus Through the Prism Log Cabin quilt challenge.  Once again, I had a lot of fun this month finding a unique way to interpret this quilting challenge.  IMG_1503My focus color on this one is orange.  Have you discovered what’s hidden in this chaos? IMG_1506Perhaps a hidden friendship star block, a monkey wrench, a nine patch, a flying geese or two, an hour glass, …IMG_1508and even a little square in a square block.  It turns out that teeny tiny piecing isn’t so bad as long as you have a month to make a 20” quilt.


And now – if you look from a bit of a distance you can see that my log cabin quilt – Grounded Origins – you may notice the base of a tree. 


I did my fun little flange of cherrywood orange on just the bottom and left side of the quilt.

IMG_1517Now the quilting – I think the quilting was my favorite part of this piece.  I attempted to channel my inner Angela Walters for the free motion quilting. 

IMG_1519I referenced her book, In the Studio with Angela Walters: Machine-Quilting Design Concepts Add Movement, Contrast, Depth & More, for inspiration and then just let the quilting happen.  Even the back of the quilt looks amazing!  (and I just noticed that her Craftsy Class – “Help!  How Do I Quilt That’ is on sale!)


And here are all three of my Focus Through the Prism Challenge Quilts so far!  I’m having such a great time making these fun 20” challenge quilts.  From the looks and sounds of it in the ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Facebook group – other participants are having a great time too!  Be sure to check out the other quilts made for this challenge by going to this post.  It’s not too late for you to join in the fun!  There are still four challenges left!  The next one goes up tomorrow!

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Scraps Happen

I’ve  been a bit off the grid lately I’ll admit.  I’ve been busy working on projects so I have things to share with you about quilting even when I’m not sewing during apple season.  I’ve also been running everywhere as my girls end their summer activities – gymnastics and pitching machine ball in particular.

In the midst of all this chaos I decided that my random scrap bins were bothering me and it was time to get them into their appropriate scrap color bins.


For some reason I thought that it would go quickly because the girls were excited to help me.  scraps 1

Turns out it’s super fun to play in piles of scrap fabric!  (I guess I could have figured that one out!)scraps 2

It wasn’t long until I was down to one helper.  Cedi helped in another way – occupying Pip while we worked to get things organized.

scraps 3

It felt like it was never going to end!  Seriously!?  This was the very last thing I needed to be doing right now.  Which I’m pretty sure is why I decided that it was time to do it.scraps zero

And four days after we began.  We had our living room back (well … as back as you get it when you have three young girls).  I didn’t organize the fabrics quite as well as I’d like but I think to do the true organization I need to wait until winter … or at least not a few weeks before we’re scheduled to open our apple orchard.

Christmas in July–Christmas Stockings

I am happy to share with you that I was a guest blogger over at Therm O Web’s blog today.  I shared a fun DIY stocking embellishment tutorial that utilizes the lovely Jennifer Jangles new fabric line - Jolly Holiday 'In the City' in combination with Therm O Web's great product - Deco Foil.
Christmas Stockings - DecoFoil
Head over now to see how you can add a little fun to your Christmas Stockings!  There's also a great giveaway at the bottom of the post so don't miss out!!!!

Log Cabin–A Focus Through the Prism Project QUILTING Challenge, July

When I first came up with the idea for the ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Project QUILTING Challenge I never dreamt that by the time we reached the third challenge well over 100 quilt would have been completed.  And yet here we are.  This challenge has become an inspiration for folks and truly amazing pieces of art are being completed – in just one month.    If you haven’t joined in on this quilting phenomenon that doesn't mean you can't join in now!  Order the special ROYGBIV Cherrywood Fabric Bundle needed for the challenge and let the challenge take you where it may!

log cabin

I made this quilt for a previous Project QUILTING challenge - please remember though that your finished quit needs to be a finished 20" square.
Take a look back at the projects
I know you’ve all been waiting so patiently for this moment and I thank you for all your enthusiasm!  To go over the story behind the challenge be sure to check out THIS POST and of course the FAQ post!

The Inspiration Block:  Log Cabin!

log cabin
  • Each final project should read predominantly as one color in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. You may not use the same color as you used in a previous challenge.
  • A ROYGBIV hand-dyed color bundle of fabric must be purchased from Cherrywood Fabrics.
  • You must use ONE fabric from the ROYGBIV challenge bundle in each quilt which should correspond with the color you want your quilt to ‘read’.
  • Any other fabrics from your stash may be added.
  • You must use the month's block as your inspiration.
  • Quilts must finish 20” square.
  • Share the story behind your quilt and how the block ‘Log Cabin’ was the inspiration.
  • Your quilt must have a name.
  • Pictures of your FINISHED 20” square quilts must be LINKED UP at the bottom of this post by 10:55pm CST on Friday, July 31st.
  • ‘How to link up to a Link Up’ post
    • Don't use Instagram/Flickr/or blog?  Email me:  lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com a picture and description of your project and I'll link up for you.
  • A 4" quilt rod pocket will need to be added to the back of the quilt before you send it to me January.  Check out THIS tutorial for how to do this.
Other info …
    • I would still love if everyone posted to the Flickr Group as that makes making mosaics and looking over things much easier, but it is no longer required.
    • There is now a ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Facebook Group and a ‘Challenge Quilts’ Facebook Group you can join in on to share your thoughts, questions, or whatever related to quilting challenges.  You can always post progress pictures there if you want too!
    • Haven’t ordered your bundle yet?  No worries!  Order now!  You can join in on all seven or just one challenge!
    • Please use the hashtag #pqoff #focusthroughtheprism #roygbiv when posting on social networking sites to help spread the word.
    • Prizes! There will be a grand prize at the end … more details to come.  In the meantime – check out THIS POST for details about the randomly drawn prizes given out each month just for completing the challenge!
    • I made up a little block tutorial called 'Shadow Box Log Cabin' as inspiration if you need some.  
Modern Log Cabin PIllow

Project QUILTING–Charts and Graphs

I have a secret.  I secretly love excel and all that I can do with it.  Since the Focus Through the Prism Challenge has so much to do with color I thought it would be fun to watch which colors everyone is using each month. 

Fullscreen capture 7242015 101943 PM

I couldn’t decide which format I liked the information in best.  Here is the bar graph showing how many quilts were made for each color per challenge.

Fullscreen capture 7242015 101949 PM

And here is the line chart that shows how the colors are used in each challenge. 

Which way do you prefer to look at the data?  Or do you think I’m just absolutely crazy?!

Don’t worry … I’m pretty sure I’ll keep updating both the charts and graphs as the challenges progress.

‘Flight School’ Quilt Finish

The Riley Blake Modern Quilt Guild Challenge is due on July 31st – and I am going to make the deadline because I’m finished!Flight School Quilt

I usually use the back deer fence when I take pictures of the quilts in the morning but I was hoping it was overcast enough today to use the front.  I may retake these later but I think it gives a pretty accurate representation of the colors of this piece.

Flight School Quilt Close UpBarb Rasibeck, Quilts by Barb, did a fun swirly design at a larger scale than she usually does all over this piece.  IMG_1206 I was able to do some large hand-stitches using Aurifil 12 wt. thread (which are on sale at Craftsy right now!).  It was a really fun extra touch I think to this piece.IMG_1208The stark lines of the pieced insects combined with the swirly quilting creates such great movement and texture to this piece.IMG_1212On the larger dragonfly wings I did some big, wonky cross stitches … IMG_1216

Love the dragonflies, bees, and butterfly you see pieced into the quilt top?  All patterns can be found in my craftsy shop!Flight School Quilt

I’m so happy I took on this challenge.  I had a great time using Amana Herring’s fabric combined with some Riley Blake solids.  This is a piece that truly ‘just happened’.  I started making blocks and just listened to what they told me as I put this piece together.  I’ll be honest … at first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this piece.  But as I let it sink in the more and more I loved it.  When creating the possibilities are truly endless!

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Marie Bostwick–Author Extraordinaire

I first met Marie Bostwick at the Houston Quilt Festival this past fall.  She was a wonderful, hilarious and charismatic person and I immediately wanted to be her friend.  I was beyond excited to hear that she had booked a talk at the Lodi Public Library, just one town over from me.  Of course, I was going!IMG_0789

And Marie (yes, we’re on a first name basis) was wonderful as always.  IMG_0790

She had the crowd laughing, nodding in agreement and yes, even in tears at time – all in just an hour and half!  She read excerpts from her books, share life antidotes, and even some inside scoops on being a real life author!


If you see that she is speaking in your area I highly recommend stopping in to hear her.IMG_0799

And – if you haven’t read her books yet!  Where have you been!?  Her latest book The Second Sister is a great read and as a bonus – it’s set in Wisconsin!  It’s always fun when authors use your home state to set the scene. 

I was really excited to hear that Marie’s next book is a sequel to her book Between Heaven and Texas (Cobbled Court Quilts).  This is one of my favorite books of hers and I can’t wait to read more about what’s to happen!

Summer Time Fun

Wow!  What a summer!  I have so so so many things I need to share with you … like hearing Marie Bostwick speak, the Lodi Ag Fair, quilts I’m working on and of course – what the girls’ have been up too.  I’ve mentally been writing out blog posts to share with you but it’s been tough finding time at the computer! … hmmm … someone needs to figure out how I can blog while I drive my kids to all the things they’re involved in … just think of what I would get done!

I’m also frantically sewing as much as I can so I have things to share with you when I won’t have time to sew this fall due to apple season.  I will work on it though and get some fun things posted soon!  Thanks for all your understanding!


I am going to share with you these cool shots I got at the Lodi Ag Fair the other weekend …


Hopefully they hold you over for a little bit!


Let the summer time fun continue!

The Hot Dog Stand

I had a quilt planned to share with you today but I haven’t quite gotten it to the stage that I want to photograph it yet.  So – I headed down to my sewing room and pieced Pat Sloan’s 7th block for her Vacation Time Mystery Quilt AlongThe Hot Dog Stand!

Hot Dog Stand Quilt Block

There is not a lot of contrast in my block but I really love how the fabrics all look together.  I also decided to do something a little different for the center of the block.


When I work on a quilt along or a quilt that is going to be really scrappy I do an initial fabric pull and put it into a container.  Whenever I add in new fabrics into the quilt the scraps go into the container as well.  I do my initial fabric choices for each block from this container.  IMG_1091

I decide to do some improv piecing for the center of this block.  I pulled all the small scraps out and pieced them together.


Once I had a piece big enough to cut my square out of I placed my ruler on the fabric at an angle.IMG_1094

I trimmed two sides off.


Rotated the block, squared it to the size I needed.


And trimmed the other two sides off.  These pieced scraps will also go into the bin as I may decide to do this method for more blocks down the line.  It was a fun and easy way to add a little bit of extra interest to my Hot Dog Stand!


And this is what my seven blocks look like so far!  I’m so loving this quilt!


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Happy Amazon Prime Day!

Dreaming in Fabric–Block 1–Cortland Quarter Star

The ‘Dreaming in Fabric mystery QAL’ starts today! 
Shannon from Fabrics N Quilts and I are hosting this fun scrappy mystery together!  Join us the 15th of July, August and September for unique scrap quilt block tutorials.  We are partnering to bring you this QAL as part of the 5th Annual Scrap Quilt Challenge
I hope you’re as excited as I am to get started!  At the end of this three month period we’ll have shared with you blocks and inspiration to create not one, not two, not even three, but countless quilt tops that are all your own!  And all of this by just sharing 6 blocks!
If you want to use the same color scheme as me – check out THIS POST to read about what fabrics you need.
Dreaming in Fabric Mystery QAL
I’m revealing to you my block – the Cortland Quarter Star.  (I have designed these blocks myself and they need a name.  Of course … my blocks will all be named after apples.)Cortland Quarter Star
And here it is – the Cortland Quarter Star!  It may look a little daunting … and I’ll admit there are quite a few pieces … but I promise you that if you break it down like I do in my tutorial you’ll have fabulous blocks in no time!  I also promise you that this block just screams, “USE SCRAPS!”.  So listen – and use your scraps up!  The more fabrics … the cooler this quilt is going to look when it’s all said and done!
To make your very own ‘Cortland Quarter Star’ you can download a FREE PDF by clicking HERE
Regardless of how you want to put together the blocks in your final quilt … I would recommend making four of the ‘Cortland Quarter Star Block.’. 
Cortland Quarter Star
This is how my four blocks will be oriented in my final quilt layout.
But this option also looks cool.
And these four blocks look really sweet together too.  Each time you rotate the blocks a new secondary pattern emerges!
Make sure you head over to Shannon of Fabric N Quilts blog to see what her mystery block looks like!
Screen Captures3-001
Above are a few examples of layout looks that can be achieved by mixing our two blocks together.  The possibilities are endless!
We want to see your blocks when they’re all pieced together.  Just link up to the linky below so we can all see what you’re coming up with!

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