Scraps Happen

I’ve  been a bit off the grid lately I’ll admit.  I’ve been busy working on projects so I have things to share with you about quilting even when I’m not sewing during apple season.  I’ve also been running everywhere as my girls end their summer activities – gymnastics and pitching machine ball in particular.

In the midst of all this chaos I decided that my random scrap bins were bothering me and it was time to get them into their appropriate scrap color bins.


For some reason I thought that it would go quickly because the girls were excited to help me.  scraps 1

Turns out it’s super fun to play in piles of scrap fabric!  (I guess I could have figured that one out!)scraps 2

It wasn’t long until I was down to one helper.  Cedi helped in another way – occupying Pip while we worked to get things organized.

scraps 3

It felt like it was never going to end!  Seriously!?  This was the very last thing I needed to be doing right now.  Which I’m pretty sure is why I decided that it was time to do it.scraps zero

And four days after we began.  We had our living room back (well … as back as you get it when you have three young girls).  I didn’t organize the fabrics quite as well as I’d like but I think to do the true organization I need to wait until winter … or at least not a few weeks before we’re scheduled to open our apple orchard.

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