Geese on the Loose Quilt Block

Modern Quilts Unlimited is having a new challenge – Everything Old is New Again Block and Quilt Challenge!  You all know how much I love a good challenge and even though I have lots of other things to do … I’m in on this one!

The first block challenge was the flying geese block.  Part of the challenge is that we can only use Michael Miller Fabrics. 

Geese on the Loose Quilt Block

Here is my block – Geese on the Loose.  I had a lot of fun mixing the ‘Asian Tea Time in Tokyo’ panel with Michael Miller Couture cottons in plum and acid.  I got the idea to use a panel as a regular fabric from the lovely and talented Dayna Thwaits.  She’s been using panels in her Focus Through the Prism Challenge pieces and it’s been beyond inspirational to me.

I do need your help from today, August 11th until August 14th.  Public voting is open HERE.  Please take a minute to vote for ‘Geese on the Loose’.  I appreciate your support!

asian tea time

This is the overall panel – Asian Tea Time in Tokyo that I’ll be using as if it’s just a regular piece of fabric throughout the blocks I create for this challenge.

I am currently anxiously awaiting the 15th to see what the next block challenge is!


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    1. Thank you so much! It was so fun to make! The possibilities are endless!!!!

  2. Hi Kim:

    I love the way you do the unusual with the normal. Unfortunately, I can't vote because I don't have a Facebook account (personal reasons). If there were another way, I'd vote for you.


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