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I have three beautiful girls that I love more than I ever imagined I could ever love.  I love them and they terrify me.  I hope to raise them to be strong, kind, confident, creative, independent women who love and respect themselves.  But how do you do this!?

karmen - blossom girls 2015

photo by Karmen Lindner Photography

I also really want them to find their inner artist.  Yes – I want them to be good at reading and writing and math and all that BUT I don’t want art to get put in a secondary box.  Art has been such an important part of my life and it truly has saved me at times.  Have I ever doubted my art?  Of course I have.  The question is … how do you teach a child to not worry if things are perfectly done, if they don’t quite look write, and to just let things happen without stressing out about the little things (as I believe art should be). 


These three books are beyond wonderful.  I just recently discovered them thanks to a good librarian friend of mine and I have added them to the collection I will read to my daughters as often as they will let me. 

These three books take into account three of the main problems with art … perfection, getting started, and color.  And I love them so much!  The first time I read Ish I literally had tears come to my eyes.  I cannot recommend these books enough – for children AND adults! 

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  1. I agree with you 100%! These are lovely books. Career wise, I'm an art therapist and constantly share with my sons (and clients) how the process is way more important than the end product. My husband is an animator so there is a lot of art making that goes on in our home (i love it!) and we just try and model being silly. We try different mediums outside of our comfort zones and just go for it and have a good time and take the pressure out of the end product. It's awesome to watch my little guys (almost 5 & 2.5) find their own creative voice.


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