#WhatShadeRU Cameo Flagstone Giveaway Winner

It’s time to announce the winner for the RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme Solids Giveaway! 

The question I asked to be entered in this giveaway was simply,

“What’s your favorite apple?”

Of course – I had to make an ‘apple’ pie chart to show the results.

Fullscreen capture 8272015 92102 AM

Honeycrisp was the winner … but just by one vote ahead of the Gala apple.  Of these 23 apples we grow 18 of these varieties at our orchard.  It was really interesting to me what people had to say so thanks for joining in the fun of my little question!  Okay … I’ve made you wait long enough!

Fullscreen capture 8272015 92631 AM

Random.org helped me choose the winner for this giveaway!  Congrats to comment #20!

Michele T

How timely that I came across your post just as I was munching on my favourite Apple: Granny Smith!!

I’ll be contacting you shortly Michele to let you know how to collect your prize!  Congratulations again!

Cameo Flagstone Quilt


  1. Yay!!!! This is fantastic news!! Thanksgiving so much!!!

  2. Congrats to Michelle, sure she will bake a delicious quilt!


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