Flying Geese - A Focus Through the Prism Project QUILTING Challenge, September

We are half way through the ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Project QUILTING Challenge!  Every time I see a new creation made for the challenge I am absolutely blown away.  The creativity, skill and imagination of the quilters is fabulous!

If you haven’t joined in on this quilting phenomenon that doesn't mean you can't join in now!  Order the special ROYGBIV Cherrywood Fabric Bundle needed for the challenge and let the challenge take you where it may.
Take a look back at the projects
I know you’ve all been waiting so patiently for this moment and I thank you for all your enthusiasm!  To go over the story behind the challenge be sure to check out THIS POST and of course the FAQ post!

Curvy Geese Trees

The Inspiration Block:  Flying Geese

Fullscreen capture 7152015 110418 AM

Each final project should read predominantly as one color in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. You may not use the same color as you used in a previous challenge.
  • A ROYGBIV hand-dyed color bundle of fabric must be purchased from Cherrywood Fabrics.
  • You must use ONE fabric from the ROYGBIV challenge bundle in each quilt which should correspond with the color you want your quilt to ‘read’.
  • Any other fabrics from your stash may be added.
  • You must use the month's block as your inspiration.
  • Quilts must finish 20” square.
  • Share the story behind your quilt and how the block ‘Flying Geese’ was the inspiration.
  • Your quilt must have a name.
  • Pictures of your FINISHED 20” square quilts must be LINKED UP at the bottom of this post by 11:55pm CST on Wednesday, September 30th.
  • If you need me to link up for you I NEED the pictures and stories by 10:00pm CST on Wednesday, September 30th.  I just cannot stay awake until midnight!
  • ‘How to link up to a Link Up’ post
    • Don't use Instagram/Flickr/or blog?  Email me:  lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com a picture and description of your project and I'll link up for you.
  • A 4" quilt rod pocket will need to be added to the back of the quilt before you send it to me January.  Check out THIS tutorial for how to do this.
Flying Geese

Other info …
    • I would still love if everyone posted to the Flickr Group as that makes making mosaics and looking over things much easier, but it is no longer required.
    • There is now a ‘Focus Through the Prism’ Facebook Group and a ‘Challenge Quilts’ Facebook Group you can join in on to share your thoughts, questions, or whatever related to quilting challenges.  You can always post progress pictures there if you want too!
    • Haven’t ordered your bundle yet?  No worries!  Order now!  You can join in on all seven or just one challenge!
    • Please use the hashtag #pqoff #focusthroughtheprism #roygbiv when posting on social networking sites to help spread the word.
    • Prizes! There will be a grand prize at the end … more details to come.  In the meantime – check out THIS POST for details about the randomly drawn prizes given out each month just for completing the challenge!
    • I made up a little block tutorial called 'Gigantic Geese’ as inspiration if you need some.
Turning Points Pillow

‘Over the Top’; Focus Through the Prism Flying Geese Challenge

I did it!  I somehow managed to finish my Focus Through the Prism Flying Geese challenge quilt for September in the midst of crazy apple season!  Whew!


I haven’t found time to photograph it in the perfect evening light though … so this  harsh morning light picture will just have to do.  This one is called ‘Over the Top.’


I had a lot of fun free motion quilting this piece!


These 20” quilts are just perfect for practicing my free motion skills on.  They’re the perfect size for my domestic machine and small enough that if something isn’t quite perfect it’s really not a big deal.


And of course … this is the third of series of quilts I’ve done for this quilt.  The bottom one is ‘Grounded Origins,’ the middle one is ‘Centered in the Orchard’ and the top one is ‘Over the top’.  I tried to get a better picture this afternoon but of course it was too windy!  I’ll post one as as soon as I can so you can see better how the tree goes throughout the quilts … it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Linking up to Finish It Up Friday.

Dreaming in Fabric Quilt Finished

A few days ago I shared with you the final block tutorial to create my version of the ‘Dreaming in Fabric’ Quilt.  And now … it’s time for me to show you my quilt completely finished.  Dreaming in FabricI’m just loving how these three blocks played together to make this quilt!
-Cortland Quarter Star
-MacIntosh Mayhem
-Regent RopeDreaming in Fabric
My aunt, Barb Raisbeck of Quilts by Barb, quilted this for me in a fun angular geometric pattern.
Dreaming in Fabric
And the back is covered in apples!  How cool is that fabric!
Dreaming in Fabric

Have you made up any of the ‘Dreaming in Fabric’ blocks?  Be sure to link up below and show us what you’ve done!
Linking up to: Finish It Up Friday

Setting Your Seams–Back to School Blog Hop

Hello everyone!  Welcome to today’s stop on Sam Hunter’s Back to School Blog Hop!  I consider Sam Hunter a quilting sensei … not only to me but to anyone who reads or blog or uses her patterns.  I’m honored to be joining in on this fabulous hop!

I was at a demonstration and I noticed that the demonstrator wasn’t setting her seams.  So, I asked my quilting friend if she thought she was just doing that to save time or was it just not ‘a thing’ most quilters do?  She said that a lot of people skip this!  I was taught 98% of what I know from  my Mother-in-Law and one of the things she taught me was to set my seams (and it’s pressing not ironing). 

After the demonstration and the talk with my friend I thought perhaps this rule wasn’t as necessary as my MIL had said … so I tried just pressing without setting my seam.  It was not worth the time I saved! Setting my seam before pressing definitely helped ensure more accurate points and nicer looking seams.

Now that I’ve spent two paragraphs rambling about setting seams do you want to know what I’m actually talking about?

How to Set Your Seams


In this example I’m showing you how I set and press the seams of my half square triangle blocks. IMG_2637

Before I press the seam open, press them with a hot iron.  You don’t have to do it for  very long … just make sure it’s done.  And that’s how you set a seam.  Seriously – you just press the seam before you press the fabric open.

Why would you take the two seconds to do this?

By setting the seam you are basically embedding the thread in the fabric.  Then, when you press it open, it creates a nice sharp seam.  It also helps make a more accurate measuring seam which leads to more accurate piecing.


I have to admit it was tough to get comparison pictures between a set seam and a non-set seam.  Can you tell from the picture above which seam was set and which wasn’t?   that’s right … the block on the bottom was not set … see how the seam is flopping out more than the seam of the HST on the top. 

In summary – if you don’t already set your seams … give it a try.  It only takes 2 seconds!

The Back to School Blog hop kicked off on September 1 and runs through the entire month, and little of October too as there’s just so much great info to share! Hop along with some of our industry’s pros to get tips and tricks for your quilting and sewing studio.  Be sure to take a look back at the advice from earlier this month – there are some great tips!

Game of Quilts–Voting is Open

The voting for the Game of Quilts has begun!  Head over to THIS POST and vote for your favorite by hovering over the picture and clicking the heart in the upper right corner of the quilt.


Here are pictures of my two quilts that are entered in the challenge.  You can only vote ONE time so be sure to pick your favorite (and I’m cool with it if it’s not mine … I’m truly just grateful I finished in time).

Another option for voting is to heading to the Brick and Mortar store Spool in Chatanooga, TN (just in time for the Quilt Show there) and cast your vote.  They have all the quilts on display for you to ooh and ah over in person!


All of the pieces look lovely and are all so different!  I just adore what happens when folks are given a challenge. Way to go everyone!

Regent Rope–Block 3–Dreaming in Fabric

Today is the big day!  After all the waiting we’ve put you through … it’s finally time!  I’m super excited to reveal to you the third and final block for the ‘Dreaming in Fabric’ Mystery Quilt Along today!

Shannon from Fabrics N Quilts and I are hosting this fun scrappy mystery together!  .  We are partnering to bring you this QAL as part of the 5th Annual Scrap Quilt Challenge!

Dreaming in Fabric Mystery QALHow did your Cortland Quarter Stars  and MacIntosh Mayhem blocks go?  How many of you are waiting to see what the whole quilt looks like before you get started?  It’s okay – you can admit it!

At the end of this post I’ll show you some different combination quilts you can make my combining Shannon and my blocks together in different ways!  All of the possibilities with just six blocks!  Craziness!

If you want to use the same color scheme as me – check out THIS POST to read about what fabrics you need.

Okay – so sticking with my apple name theme … this months block is called ‘Regent Rope’.  This is extra appropriate as the Regent apple is my sister-in-law’s favorite apple and she’s arriving today from Virginia to spend some time with the girls during apple season!


And here it is – the Regent Rope block!  It is a simple block that creates some dramatic effects! I promise you that if you break it down like I do in my tutorial you’ll have fabulous blocks in no time!  I also promise you that this block just screams, “USE SCRAPS!”.  So listen – and use your scraps up!  The more fabrics … the cooler this quilt is going to look when it’s all said and done!
To make your very own ‘Regent Rope’ blocks you can download a FREE PDF by clicking HERE.


Here is what my Final ‘Dreaming in Fabric’ Mystery Quilt looks like!

I made 8 Cortland Quarter Stars (four in the center and one in each of the four corners), 8 MacIntosh Mayhem blocks and 12 Regent Rope blocks.  I’m thrilled with how this is turning out! 
Next month I’ll share with you the block I made for my border that ties this all together into one fabulous SCRAPPY quilt!

Make sure you head over to Shannon of Fabric N Quilts blog to see what her mystery block looks like!

Screen Captures2
Above are a few examples of layout looks that can be achieved by mixing our two blocks together.  The possibilities are endless!

We want to see your blocks when they’re all pieced together.  Just link up to the linky below so we can all see what you’re coming up with!

Don't forget...on November 15th, we will host a linky party for finished tops or quilts.  Fabrics N Quilts will award a $25.00 gift certificate to one of these linky quilters, at random.  The quilt can be any combination of the Dreaming In Fabric blocks.  Shannon & I can't wait to see what you create!

Catch A Wave

It’s Month 2 of the Modern Quilts Unlimited is having a new challenge – Everything Old is New Again Block and Quilt Challenge!  I managed to make a new block for this months theme – Snail’s Tail.


I have to admit – I had a hard time figuring out a way to make a block as defined as a ‘Snail’s Tail’ Modern.  But I’m really happy with how it turned out!  Once again –  I cut up my Asian Tea Time in Tokyo panel and pretended it was just regular fabric yardage.  I also mixed in some Cotton Couture Marine and Cotton Couture Plum into the tail portion.


I used just a tiny ‘lip’ of Cotton Couture Acid to on three strips of the block.  The acid fabric is actually a lip or flange of fabric to create a slight amount of dimension on this block.


And here are my two ‘Everything Old is New Again’ blocks together!  I’m really enjoying where this challenge is taking me!


I do need your help - from today, September 11th until September 14th.  Public voting is open HERE.  I believe my block is on the third page … Please take a minute to vote for ‘Catch a Wave’.  I appreciate your support!

Forest Frolic by Heidi Boyd for Red Rooster Fabrics

At Spring Market this past May I met a lovely person and talented designer.  Her first fabric line – Forest Frolic -  is released this month and I was lucky enough to get some early release fabrics to make a quilt with!IMG_1985And here is a look at ‘Forest Frolic’!  Isn’t it fabulous!?IMG_2060There is a great panel that goes with the fabric line.  I love a good panel but I don’t like just putting borders on the panel and calling it a quilt.  This time, I cut up the panel and I added a few other chunks from one of the other fabrics in the line.  These are all different size ‘chunks’ of fabric.  So – what can you do to get these to all ‘fit’ together into a quilt?IMG_2089Log cabins of course!  I used creams on two side and then either brown/yellow, greens, or blue/purples for the other sides.  I added just a few of my cherrywood fabrics and own personal hand dyes to the ‘logs’ but the majority of this piece is all from the Forest Frolic line.IMG_2155-002

And this is what the top of my little quilt turned into!  I think it’s really cute and fun.  Thank you Heidi for letting me play with your fabric and show off just how beautiful it is! 

I just found out that Barb Raisbeck, Quilts by Barb, finished quilting this and it will be on it’s way to me soon for me to bind and finish!  Stay tuned for the ‘finished quilt on a fence’ picture!

National Sewing Month–All About the Scraps!

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month?  I have to admit … this is the first year I’ve actually realized this. I’m super excited to be a guest blogger for The Sewing Loft’s National Sewing Month Series on Scraps!

 National Sewing Month Special Guest

Even thought I can’t seem to stop myself from buying more fabric yardage, I’ve come to realize that I mostly enjoying sewing with the scraps from previous project.  With each scrap of fabric comes a scrap of a memory – the quilt I made with that same fabric before, the person who gifted me the fabric, or the joy I felt as I discovered the beautiful piece in a quilt shop adventure.  Not only are scraps full of memories but they can add so much texture, depth and beauty to quilts just by combining things you may have never combined before.


I am definitely not lacking in the scrap department!  My girls had fun helping me play (sort) them earlier this year by color. 

I host Project QUILTING challenges on my blog and one challenge was to use strips of fabric no larger than 2.5” wide.  This was screaming ‘SCRAPS’ to me and it also helped me create a new technique – raw edge piecing.


photo by Karmen Lindner Photography

‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart’ was created by raw edge stitching strips of fabrics onto a piece of foundation fabric.

 The creation progress of the 'Amazing Technicolor Heart Quilt' for Project QUILTING - String Along with my Challenge

By combining the same colors of scraps into areas of the quilt a heart emerges with a fun rainbow background.  100% scraps.

Leaders and Enders

One of the latest things I’ve been doing with my scraps is sewing them together as my ‘Leaders and Enders’.   If you don’t know what I mean by ‘Leaders and Enders’ check out Bonnie Hunter’s explanation HERE.  I choose my ‘leaders and enders’ strictly by the length of the fabric.  If the piece of fabric is the same length as another piece of fabric (or previously sewn together chunk of fabric) I sew it together.  Color, design, pattern does not matter to me in this little challenge.


Here are some of the scrap fabric ‘chunks’ I’ve created from these leaders and enders.  Eventually these might go into a quilt … or into reupholstering something …

Scrappy Patchwork Bike Seat

like a bike seat!

I’m also currently writing up a pattern for a fun scrappy mystery quilt ‘Dreaming in Scraps’ in partnership with Shannon of Fabrics N Quilts.

Dreaming in Fabric Quilt

Four of the six block patterns have been released and the final ones will be coming out on September 15th.  Be sure to check it out HERE and join in this scrappy mystery fun!

NSM 450

Thank you Heather for letting me ramble on about my love of scraps!  Be sure to keep an eye on Heather’s blog all month for more fun info and inspiration that can be found on sewing with scraps!

There are already some great posts up including a Scrap Challenge (you know how much I love a challenge), what are fabric scraps?, and The Scrappy Girls Club

Happy Scrapping!

Ornament, House, Snowflake and a Gift–Winter Wonderland Quilt Along

I forgot to post my blocks from the Winter Wonderland Quilt Along last week … so you’ll get to see four this week!IMG_2092-001


This block was a quick and easy block to make – which is always good.  Isn’t it just adorable? IMG_2093-001


I may have sewn one of the sections on in the wrong spot … but once I realized it I wasn’t going to fix it.  Oh well – I like the way it turned out!

Check out Quilt Jane’s version HEREIMG_2094-001


I love this house block!  I had so much fun cutting out my birds in the tree fabric for this one.  This block screams fussy cutting.

See ‘Free Motion by the River’s’ Version HERE


Ornament – this block was super fun! 

Check out the ornament ‘Why Not Sew’ made HEREwinter wonderland blocks

And here are my twelve blocks that I made for the quilt along.  I’m not sure if I’m going to put them all into one quilt or I might make them into table runners or mini wall hangings.  We’ll see.  Either way – I love each and everyone of these blocks and they were super fun and easy to piece.

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I really don’t ‘need’ any more fabric but these may be too good to pass up!

Cotton + Steel Fat Quarter Box

Tula Pink Mystery Fat Quarter Box

And I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with this deal on the Free Spirit Mystery Bundle … hmm … perhaps this could create another fun quilt challenge …

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Thermoweb is having a free shipping special on orders over $20!  This is a great time to stalk up on your fusible for raw edge applique and the decofoils are really fun to use to add that hint of ‘wow’ to your projects!

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