Blogger’s Quilt Festival–Dresden Neighborhood

Ironically the second quilt I chose to enter in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is for the Small Quilt Category.  (It’s ironic because the first quilt is in the Large Quilt Category). 

I really have a hard time deciding which quilts to feature as I do tend to make quite a few with all the different challenges I participate in.  So, I was trying to think of which of my quilts over these past few months has been one that seems to have caught many folks’ attention. 


Dresden Neighborhood. 

This small 24” square quilt has made a dramatic impact on my quilting life.  It has won multiple ribbons in various shows over the past few months and most recently hung at the 2015 Madison Quilt Expo.  I have also created a class based off this pattern at my local quilt shop, Mill House Quilts.  The first class sold out quickly and I’ll be teaching a second class on November 10th. 


I really think the appeal of this quilt is how I took such a traditional block and with just a bit of imagination created this fun neighborhood that leads to so many possibilities!

I’ve made a few more Dresden Neighborhoods since the first one and each of them has its own charm about it.

Soon on my blog I’ll be sharing photo’s of some of the Dresden Neighborhood quilts my students have come up with!  It feels so good to know that it was just a little dream that helped create such inspiration and whimsy.

Thanks for stopping by!  If this is one of your favorite quilts in the festival please nominate it for ‘Viewer’s Choice’ by going HERE.


  1. I love your Dresden Neighborhood quilt - the fun houses, the color and the whole dresden-based concept! Nice job!

  2. What a cute quilt! I love the design and the colors. The quilting is great, too.

  3. You are one clever lady! No wonder you have won ribbons and taught classes for this quilt!

  4. This is a super cute quilt!!!!

  5. What a great design! I love how you took the traditional block and transformed it into something so original.

  6. So fun to revisit this quilt, it is adorable:)

  7. Brilliant design! I love the wonkiness and brightness. It has sort of an "it's a small world" feel.


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