‘Ennead Luminescence’ Quilt

As October comes to an end it’s about time I share with you my quilt for the Focus Through the Prism Project QUILTING Nine Patch Challenge.


It is called “Ennead Luminescence”.  Once again named by the lovely Trisha Frankland of Quilt Chicken.

Ennead = a group of 9 things and luminescence is a ‘glowing’ word.


I’m guessing many of you are thinking that this is pretty tame for me … and it is … and I love it!  IMG_3111

I decided to use my violet cherrywood and play with it’s complimentary color – yellow! 


I had a ton of fun playing with free motion quilting.  I decided to use a florescent orange thread so it really ‘popped’ and because I may have had quite a few bobbins already full that I needed to use up.  I started by quilting straight lines diagonally all over the quilt to create different sections.  In each section I did a different free motion quilting design.  It was great practice and I love the interest it added to the piece.

And with that my 6th Focus Through the Prism Quilt is finished!  Next month I will have to use red!  What color do you have left?


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  1. I have red left, too. Can't wait to see what the block will be.

  2. Orange!! Can't wait to find out what our last block is!!!! :)


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