Scrap Quilt Challenge

Hi everyone!  Many of you are joining me after reading the surprising news on Shannon of Fabrics N Quilts blog.  Yes!  I will be hosting the 2016 Scrap Quilt Challenge and YES!  I promise it will still be TONS of fun!

I’m honored that Shannon has asked me to take over the reigns of this challenge and I hope to do her proud.

I would like to share a little bit about me and my experience with the Scrap Quilt Challenge.

I participated in my first Scrap Quilt Challenge in 2012 – and it was a ‘quilt changing’ moment for me.


photo by Karmen Lindner Photography

I created my quilt ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’.  I used a free form piecing technique and I had some fun.  This quilt and challenge brought me to a new level of quilting and I will always look back and thank Shannon for creating the Scrap Quilt Challenge. 

In 2014 I entered my quilt ‘Novitiate Nebulla’.

Novitiate Nebula Finished

This one isn’t just scrappy because I used all my fabric scraps … I literally scrapped together blocks from multiple quilt alongs.  It’s intense and I love it.

This year Shannon asked me to design a quilt for the ‘Dreaming in Fabric’ Quilt Along and I surprised even myself by coming up with this:


Not only am I a fan of the scrap quilt challenge but I’m a fan of challenges in general.

In 2010 I created a quilt challenge called ‘Project QUILTING’.  It involves making a quilt in just one week, participants are joining in from all over the world and you can read more about all the details here.

Whenever I see challenges I have a hard time resisting hopping on board.  By saying ‘yes’ to a challenge I have created quilts I haven’t had time to dream up yet. 


This quilt ‘Modern Log Cabin’ will be hanging at the International Quilt Festival in Houston at the end of the month.  It came to be because of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Riley Blake fabric Challenge back in 2014.  The ‘quilt changer’ in this piece was that I ran out of the pink/yellow/orange ombre fabrics when I was going to make the border.  I created an entirely different border using whatever Riley Blake fabrics I could get my hands on … and it changed the whole quilt. 

Okay – enough about me and my obsession with challenges.  I just hope that this post leaves you with a feeling of ease about the changes coming about.  I love challenges, scraps, and quilting – we’re going to have some fun!  See you in the ‘Scrap Quilt Challenge’ group!


  1. Those quilts are just fantastic.Love them all and the fabric combo!

  2. Amazing! Lovely fabric colors and beautiful work!

  3. What amazing, gorgeous scrap quilts! Kat @

  4. I love the challenge quilts you made so am glad you'll be hosting next year's challenge! I love you idea is that a challenge is a chance to "design the quilt you haven't thought up yet"! I didn't get mine finished for this year's challenge but I'll definitely be looking forward to entering next year and will keep your inspiration quote in mind as I work!


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