01 December 2015

December Focus Through the Prism Challenge

Don’t panic!  This final Focus Through the Prism Challenge is just for fun and if you have some time – I know December is crazy busy for more folks!  But – for those of us that need a little challenge to ‘escape’ the craziness I have a few suggestions for you.
You can do one, all, or none of these challenges.  Please feel free to link up below by the end of the month if you have anything you’d like to share with us!
***These projects will not be a part of the photo shoot or traveling show.  This is 100% just for fun!****ROYGBIV Bundle

Challenge 1 – Redo!

Is there a month where you just weren’t happy with your quilt?  Or did you miss a month?  Here’s your chance – remake it or make it for the first time! 

Challenge 2 – Montage

I challenge you to make a 20” quilt montage to the seven challenges.  If you have some left over cherrywood fabrics you can incorporate into these quilts that would be great.  If not – just think ‘RAINBOW!’ and have fun!

Challenge 3 – Memory Blocks

I would love to make a quilt using blocks from all of you.  This would be a great memory for me of this amazing dream come true of a challenge.  Use your left over cherrywood fabrics and other fabrics from your challenge quilts to make blocks in the seven blocks of the challenge – monkey wrench, friendship star, log cabin, pinwheel, flying geese, nine patch, and snowball.  I don’t care what size the blocks are (they could be your left overs from the quilts you made).  You could send me 1, 7, 10 or none.  I would love anything that arrived.  Please just include these blocks with your quilts when you send them in January.
Have fun!

Marcia of Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting has graciously offered prizes for the December Challenges as well!

Marcia would also like to giveaway to a downloadable original PDF patterns(value $8.00).

Here are the six quilt patterns the winner will get to chose from:

  1. Summer Tomatoes Quilt Pattern – PDF
  2. Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern – PDF
  3. Textures Quilt Pattern – PDF
  4. Quilted Checkbook or Calendar Pattern – PDF
  5. Quilted Pocket Purse – PDF
  6. Turn a Quilt into a Bag Pattern – PDF

Marcia will giving away three of these – one for each of the different possible challenges you can participate in.  I’ll have my girls draw the winners from the hat for these prizes.

Thank you Marcia for your generosity!

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