Elf on the Shelf

Yes – we have an elf on the shelf.  Well – actually we have two.  When my girls were probably 2 and 3 my sister-in-law sent us our first one.  We had been chatting and the girls were being monsters (remember – 2 & 3 years old – the dreaded years).  Karma sent us the elf and I had hopes of behaved children for at least one month of the year.

It sort of worked …

Then the next year rolled around and we pulled our elf and it sort of worked again …

And then another year … and I couldn’t find the elf.  I searched everywhere for that elf and the girls were wondering where he was.  At this point .. he was their friend that visited yearly.  So – his sister decided to join us until he was free to come.  Of course … right after we introduced his sister, we found him!


So here are our two elves.  They visit every year … and they’re fairly lazy.  They only move around every four or five days and they don’t really do any shenanigans. 


On their first day here they did surprise the girls by decorating our tree for the cats and dog.  Since then though they really haven’t done much of anything. 

And the girls are just fine with that.

Do the elves really help the girls behave better?  Not really.  But they have really helped to get them to settle down out of a fit.  Jared and I have fun figuring out where to put them next too … it’s just a matter of remembering to do it each night.  For now … they’ll just keep being lazy elves that behave themselves.

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