Focus Through the Prism in Review

The Project QUILTING Focus Through the Prism Challenge that I hosted on my blog for the past seven months was mind blowing.  I thought I”d take a few minutes to go over some of the stats from the project and hopefully have a link up of all 411 quilts at the bottom (bear with me on this one … it may take me a few days …)
The Seven Challenges – 411 quilts total
Just Some Random Facts
  • 79 people participated in at least one Focus Through the Prism Challenge
  • 39 of those people completed all 7 of the challenges
  • 26 states were represented
  • 2 countries represented (US & Australia)

And of course … I had to make some graphs/charts to show how each of the seven colors were used in each challenge.
Fullscreen capture 1212015 94129 AM
The number of quilts made in each color way:
  • Red – 59 quilts
  • Orange – 58 quilts
  • Yellow – 60 quilts
  • Green – 59 quilts
  • Blue – 61 quilts
  • Indigo – 58 quilts
  • Violet – 56 quilts
Fullscreen capture 1212015 94122 AM


  1. That's awesome!! The bar graph would be cool as blocks in your memory quilt!!

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  3. Wow this looks amazing!!! Glad I got at least three made......still a few days I could whip up the rest?!?!
    Thank you so much for organizing, encouraging, and celebrating the phenomenal work!


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